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Last Updated: August 27, 2023

The biggest advantage of online poker compared to live is the ability to play multiple tables at once, popularly called multi-tabling.

Multi-tabling in online poker is a practice employed by basically all professional players, and even many recreational and fun players. Playing two or three tables at the same time is pretty simple and does not take away too much of the player’s focus.

However, as you start to add more tables, and especially tables from different poker sites, things can get a little hectic and out of control.

Jurojin Poker is a tool dedicated specifically to helping players with multi-tabling by offering a variety of useful features that make multi-tabling easier and allow you to focus on the action at hand more easily.

What’s even more, Jurojin Poker is completely free to use, with some limitations kicking in once you advance past the micro stakes. However, you can try every single feature there is at the micros and use the tool as you build up your bankroll without any cost at all.

What Can I Do with Jurojin Poker?

Jurojin Poker is a poker tool created specifically for multi-tablers out there, offering a variety of features that make playing many tables at once very easy.

Jurojin Poker can be used to multi-table at a multitude of highly popular poker rooms, and even mix tables from multiple sites at the same time, including PokerStars, GGPoker, 888poker, PartyPoker, Winamax, iPoker, WPN, Ignition Network, PPPoker, Run It Once Poker, Unibet, and more.

The tool allows you to run multiple clients at once, and line up the tables smoothly, use your keyboard or mouse buttons to quickly take action, and never miss a single hand again.

Some of the key features you will want to look out for include:

  • Table layouts (static and dynamic)
  • Hotkeys for key actions
  • HUDs and overlays
  • Preset bet sizing (multipliers and geometric sizing)
  • Focus improvement tools

All of these tools combined will make your multi-tabling experience so much easier. You will no longer need to worry about missing hands, or betting seated out for many hands at a table that got stuck deep in your setup.

Instead, you will be able to set up all your tables, across multiple poker sites, and have each table pop up at the right time, allowing you to take quick action, and get extra information that you may have missed, such as previous player actions, and more.

Jurojin Poker Table Manager

jurojin poker table manager

Table Manager is only one part of the comprehensive set of tools offered by Jurojin Poker. It offers a variety of tools that will help you set up the tables on your screen for your convenience.

Whether you are running your setup with one or multiple screens, the Jurojin Poker Table Manager will allow you to create custom layouts with predefined slots, with tables slipping right into the slots as they are loaded up.

Static layouts offered by the Table Manager will have tables open up in specific slots, giving you the ability to manually switch the tables up, possibly giving certain tables, such as deep runs or final tables, more priority.

On the other hand, a variety of dynamic layouts will have the software automatically put tables which require action and ones where you are in a hand into focus, while putting other tables into the less attractive slots, and switching it up as you go.

The value of having the Jurojin Poker Table Manager when playing many tables cannot be overstated. It is one of the key tools that will allow you to grind more games at the same time without losing EV due to disconnects and missed hands.

Use Hotkeys to Play Poker

jurojin poker hotkeys

Once you load up your Jurojin Poker platform for the first time, you will notice the Table Hotkeys section, which allows you to set up a number of hotkeys to use across all supported sites.

The function of hotkeys is to allow you to quickly and effectively make key actions, such as pre-flop raises, flop c-bets, and other common plays, without any delay.

In fact, Jurojin Poker allows you to set up as many as eight hotkeys, each of which will have a different function pre-flop, post-flop, and facing a bet, for as many as 24 different actions tied to your hotkeys.

Hotkey actions that you can set up include the ability to bet a certain percentage of the pot, raise to a certain number of big blinds, or make geometrically progressive bets based on your previous bets, to achieve effective betting patterns.

Table Hotkeys can be set up for a mouse, keyboard, or other devices, which means you will be able to play anyway you like, and put your gaming skills to use the next time you play poker as well.

HUDs and Overlays

overlays in jurojin poker

While a typical poker HUD (heads up display) shows you poker stats like VPIP, PFR, and 3-bet frequency, Jurojin Poker HUDs are here to offer slightly different, but equally important data.

With classic HUDs now banned at a number of sites, the information you can get from the Jurojin Poker overlays can be of key importance.

With Jurojin Poker, you will be able to see some of the following information displayed as an overlay on the table as you act on your hand:

  • Actions line by street
  • Pot odds
  • Effective stack
  • Player positions
  • RNG roll
  • Tables counter

While some of these numbers seem pretty obvious and easy to keep track of, when multi-tabling, it can be difficult to focus on anything other than the action at hand.

By showing you previous actions made by players, Jurojin Poker will take away the burden of having to track action street by street on every table, as you will have access to that info in real time.

Information like pot odds and effective stack will prevent you from making mistakes by misreading your own or your opponent’s stack, and reduce the time it takes to make a profitable decision.

The integrated RNG roll overlay lets you randomize on the spot, while the tables counter tells you exactly how many tables you have running, and how many more you could run to reach your preferred quota.

By turning on these table overlays, you will gain access to a multitude of useful information that you may not otherwise have, all of which can help you improve your overall EV in cash games and tournaments alike.

Focus Improvement Tools

improving focus with jurojin poker

The last thing you want to happen when you are playing many tables at once is to start missing actions on some tables even though you had the time to act on your hands.

This can happen when you lose focus and tables get stuck behind other tables, or you simply don’t notice that a hand on one of the tables requires action.

Action required border is the most useful of such tools, as it allows you to have borders circle the tables, and either blink or change colors as action becomes more and more urgent.

Furthermore, a tool to keep the most urgent tables at the top of your screen is also available, allowing you to always have the key tables pop up to the top.

Keep in mind that you will need to turn off certain features of the poker sites in order for this tool to work. Many poker sites already offer a variety of features that have tables pop up and steal focus from others when attention is required.

Is Jurojin Poker the Right Poker Tool for Me?

While it is entirely possible to multi-table poker games without any special tools, software like Jurojin Poker will definitely help you keep more focused and get better overall results in your game.

By allowing you to set up your tables in any layout you prefer, easily and quickly make appropriately sized bets and raises, follow action from previous streets, and much more, Jurojin Poker will make your multi-tabling experience a lot smoother.

Keep in mind that it may take some time to get accustomed to all the Jurojin Poker features, hotkeys, and tools, which is why it is best to introduce them into your sessions one by one.

Download Jurojin Poker to your device today to try it out, use all the features for free at micro stakes poker, and only pay for a subscription when you are ready to use the tool at higher stakes.

Jurojin Poker offers a variety of payment plans, ranging from $7 per month for use of hotkeys alone, to $15 for use of table layouts, $15 for use of overlays, or $30 for unlimited use of the software for a full month.

Jurojin Poker FAQ

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