Missclick In Poker: The Best Way To Avoid This Mistake

Missclick In Poker

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Last Updated: March 19, 2024

Missclick In Poker: The Best Way To Avoid This Mistake

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Online poker is all about clicking buttons. Sure, there a lot of knowledge and poker strategy behind how and when to click those buttons, but nothing happens until you actually make the click.

Sometimes, despite thinking it all through and figuring out what you want to do, you end up clicking the wrong button. Hence the missclick happens.

While you can also see it pronounced like “miss click,” “missclick,” or “misclick,” it all obviously means the same.

A great example of misclick is when you take some time after your opponent bets to size your raise, and you’re ready to up the heat. As your mouse is hovering over that raise button, you get distracted and then accidentally make the click without even looking at the screen.

“Player XXX wins the pot.”

You’re starting at the screen, wondering what’s just happened. Then you realize that you made an unintentional move while distracted, and instead of the raise, you clicked the fold button.

The first few times this happens, you might feel stupid or angry, but as you play more and more, you’ll come to understand that a miss click is just a part of online poker.

Why Does Missclick Happen?

On the surface, you might think a misclick can only happen to an inexperienced player who isn’t paying enough attention.

And, sure enough, if you are playing several tables at once while also watching a TV and trying to keep up a conversation with your wife, your risk of clicking a wrong button sooner or later is increased.

But if this were something that only bad or inattentive players did, then missclick wouldn’t become one of the best-known poker sayings.

Even professional players click the wrong button here and there.

Although they try their best to focus on the games they’re playing, they’re just human beings after all, and it takes a fraction of second to make a mistake that you can’t take back.

In fact, for those who routinely play a dozen or more tables at the same time, a misclick is something they’ve learned to live with.

They don’t like it when it happens, but they don’t get too upset about it, either, especially when it occurs in a way they could hardly prevent.

For example, you’re thinking about a decision on one table and finally decide to fold. As you click the button, the next table immediately pops up, and you accidentally click again. Congratulations, you’ve just missclick folded pocket aces.

As annoying as it may be, clicking a wrong button is a real possibility in online poker games.

Internet games certainly have many advantages over the live ones, but they have certain downsides, and missclicks belong to the latter category.

Misclick in Live Poker

With more and more internet players getting involved with live cash games and tournaments, many poker sayings from the virtual environment have found their way to the live setting as well.

Misclick term is also used in live games, as strange as that may seem.

misclick in poker

I mean, there are no buttons to click at an actual poker table.

Although this is true, you can still make an action that is quite similar to an online miss click. While the mechanics are different, the end result is the same. You commit an action that you weren’t planning on performing.

A usual scenario where a live missclick may happen is when one player bets and the other player is considering their options. They settle down for a raise and slide their chips in without any verbal announcements. The dealer counts the chips and realizes the amount isn’t big enough to constitute a raise. So, instead, the player is forced just to call.

Not only that this misclick has likely cost the player some chips, but it revealed the information about the strength of their hand without any real upside.

Online, a misclick may not be so apparent, but when it happens live, most players will usually figure out what’s up.

Also, missclick meaning can be slightly altered in a way do describe a situation where player misread his hand.

This could happen both preflop and postflop, and again let’s take a simple example to illustrate it.

If you hit your inside straight draw, but do not know that you made this hand and decide to fold, it could be characterized as a miss click, since your intention wasn’t to fold a made straight.

Can Miss Click Be Avoided?

Given the fact a missclick can rarely work to your advantage, you’d ideally want to avoid them as much as possible.

If you’re paying a lot of attention when playing and stick to the number of tables you can handle, you should be able to reduce the number of missclicks to the minimum.

However, I’m not sure they can be eliminated entirely.

If you were really focused on avoiding misclicks and took more time for every decision, you might be able to avoid clicking the wrong button, but that would hurt the number of hands you play per hour.

If you’re playing multiple tables, you will start timing out all over the place if you took extra time to check and re-check every single click you make.

That said, if you have a missclick happening every ten minutes, you’re probably doing something wrong.

avoid miss click

While it is fine to click the wrong button occasionally, you can’t afford to have this happening all the time. It will end up costing you dearly.

If you’re struggling with too many missclicks, you’re either playing too many tables at the same time or just aren’t focused during your sessions.

Try to figure out where the problem is and eliminate it as soon as possible.

Summary: Misslick In Poker

There are many different poker sayings and expressions that you’ll come across in the live and online settings alike.

Some, like “missclick” or “GG WP,”are very popular, so you should know the meaning behind it.

So, the next time someone instant min-raises you on the river and sheepishly types “misclick” in the chat after you jam on them, you’ll know exactly what they mean.

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