Try the New SPINS Overdrive Games at PartyPoker and Play for 240,000x Your Buy-in

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Last Updated: November 5, 2023

Jackpot sit and goes have been a major part of the online poker industry over the last few years, and PartyPoker is now ready to take them to yet another new level by introducing SPINS Overdrive.

SPINS Overdrive is a brand new type of the popular three person SNG format, with prizes ranging from 2x to 240,000x the initial buy-in, dynamic chip stacks, and three players per table.

SPINS Overdrive will allow you to play for even bigger prizes than before, while competing with exponentially bigger chip stacks as the prize pool goes up.

The new format also promises fewer 2x prize pools and a variety of possible prizes, while the buyi-ns are ranging from $0.25 all the way up to $100.

Keep reading to find out more about SPINS Overdrive and the way dynamic prizes and chip stacks will work, or join PartyPoker to take your first shot at the jackpot right now.

How Does SPINS Overdrive Work?

PartyPoker has introduced quite a few innovations and new perks for players to stay competitive in 2023, and it has been working quite well.

Not only has the operator remained relevant in the quickly changing online poker world, but it has also launched some of the best live poker events of the year.

Now, PartyPoker has introduced SPINS Overdrive, a brand new type of jackpot sit and go that promises more exciting action and even bigger prizes.

Main differences between regular SPINS and SPINS Overdrive are reflected in the maximum prize multiplier, chip stack size, and the range of possible prizes.

Unlike regular SPINS, each Overdrive game will feature a unique prize pool, with prizes increasing gradually between different multipliers.

The minimum multiplier is still fixed at 2x, but if you should get lucky, you could end up playing for a massive 240,000x multiplier of your initial buy-in.

Much like regular SPINS, SPINS Overdrive will offer more than one prize for the highest multipliers, with all games whose multiplier reaches over 25% paying 8% of the prize pool to the second and third place finisher.

Finally, the chip stacks in SPINS Overdrive will also vary, allowing you to play with more chips when fighting for the big money.

Low multiplier Overdrive games will feature starting stacks of 300 chips, while they will go up to as much as 1,000 chips per player whenever multiplier goes to over 240x.

The chance to play for an even bigger jackpot than before makes SPINS Overdrive an exciting new format, and one that you should definitely try if you are already s SPINS aficionado.

Possible Prizes in SPINS Overdrive

The prizes in SPINS Overdrive are dynamic and will change with the buy-in level you decide to play at and randomly between games.

The maximum prize pool multiplier in play will be 240,000 the buy-in, with up to $1,200,000 paid at the $5 buy-in level.

Other levels, however, will have a smaller max multiplier, but one that will still be much higher than what you are used to in regular SPINS.

Here is a full list of minimum and maximum prize pools you could end up playing for in various SPINS Overdrive games:

Buyin Min Prize Pool Max Prize Pool
$0.25 $0.50 $3,000
$1 $2 $12,000
$3 $6 $36,000
$5 $10 $1,200,000
$10 $20 $120,000
$20 $40 $240,000
$50 $100 $600,000
$100 $200 $1,200,000

The probability of landing that jackpot multiplier may be low, but the fact you have a chance to play for a top prize of $1,000,000 for a $5 buy-in is unique in the poker world and makes SPINS Overdrive some of the most attractive games in online poker.

Can SPINS Overdrive Be Profitable?

The big question that everyone has been asking since the day jackpot SNGs appeared in the poker world is can these games actually be profitable for a grinder?

While the lucky players who get drawn for the jackpot games will certainly make a huge profit, everyone else is often left playing for a prize pool smaller than the sum of the buy-ins, making the games somewhat hard to beat.

However, the quality of play in jackpot SNGs tends to be extremely low, and this will be the case with SPINS Overdrive as well, which makes skillful players’ edge much greater than it would be in a regular SNG.

With many recreational players playing without a care in the world once they realize they are not playing for the jackpot, most jackpot SNGs are extremely soft and beatable.

Quite a few players have shown, over significant samples, that jackpot SNGs can be beat for a reasonable ROI, and with the games running so fast and allowing you to put in tons of volume, the chances of breaking a meaningful profit are quite real.

What’s even more, PartyPoker offers quite a few SPINS-related promotions, making it the best place to play Jackpot SNGs in 2023.

Join PartyPoker Today for Maximum Rewards

The addition of SPINS Overdrive is a welcome novelty at PartyPoker, but certainly not the only thing that makes it one of the best online poker rooms in the world.

Along with the chance to play for massive jackpot multipliers in SPINS Overdrive, PartyPoker offers new players a massive $600 welcome bonus package, and up to $30 in free tournament tickets to everyone who deposits just $20 into their real money account.

Top that all up with Daily Spins Leaderboards, Fastforward Boosted Hours, Round the Clock Freerolls, and valuable cashback offers, and you will be getting more value at PartyPoker than most other poker rooms out there.

To make the deal even better, Mypokercoaching is awarding a $109 Sunday Party ticket to all new players who join the platform through our links.

So, make sure to head on over there right now, get your poker bonus, and a chance to play one of the best weekly poker tournaments with absolutely no risk!

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