PokerStars Introduces a New Rewards Program: Up to 60% Rakeback Available

PokerStars Rewards

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Last Updated: January 24, 2024

PokerStars has been at the forefront of the online poker industry for well over a decade, and in that time, it has introduced many changes to its poker platform.

The rewards system at PokerStars underwent a major change a few years ago, as the Supernova program was discontinued, costing many high stakes players a lot of equity.

This time around, PokerStars is making another change to its rewards program, but it seems like everyone involved will end up benefiting from the changes, which will make the overall returns higher on a consistent basis than what most players have been receiving in recent months.

The new PokerStars Rewards Program, which comes into play as of January 22, will discontinue the Weekly Poker Challenges and introduce a flat rewards scheme that will award up to 60% rakeback in pure cash to the players.

Based strictly on your contributions, the new PokerStars Rewards system will be more fair and equitable and will no longer pressure players into completing specific challenges within a timeframe, which was one of the biggest downsides of the existing scheme.

Weekly Poker Challenges No More

As of January 22, PokerStars will stop issuing Weekly Poker Challenges to players, which means you will no longer be able to earn up to 40% in rakeback via this venue.

The operator is discontinuing this promotion for several reasons, and it will really not affect the vast majority of players at PokerStars.

For one, the Weekly Poker Challenges were constantly changing based on player’s volume in recent months, making it impossible to know what to expect every week.

What’s more, many players were not able to complete their challenges in the given timeframe, thus making a lot of the promotional money go to waste instead of into the players’ pockets.

With the Challenges gone, PokerStars will be able to award players better on a consistent basis, making the new program superior in nearly every sense.

Daily Rewards for Low Volume Players

The biggest number of players at PokerStars put in very little volume and play low stakes, often only playing a few tournaments a week, meaning they used to get very little in terms of rewards in the old program.

Now, these players will get a free $0.50 Power Path ticket each and every day as long as they log into their PokerStars account, which means 30 chances every month to win one of the valuable Power Path packages on offer.

As a Blue Level member, you will also get access to 15% in rakeback, but that fades in comparison to the free tickets, which could be worth as much as 100% of the rake you pay in any given month.

Free Power Path Tickets for Low Volume Players

Whether you actively play on the platform or not, you can get a free $0.50 Power Path ticket each and every day for simply logging into your account, and that’s a promotion you really can’t beat.

Head on over to PokerStars now and create your account to get into the new scheme. You will start receiving your daily Power Path tickets on January 22, paving the way to one of the major PokerStars events in the near future.

Eight Loyalty Levels – Up to 60% Rakeback

PokerStars is introducing major changes to the way it handles player loyalty, with the PokerStars Rewards program now featuring eight unique loyalty levels, and player rewards paid daily in cash to all players except those in the lowest loyalty tier.

As is usually the case with player loyalty schemes, the players who pay the most rake will earn the biggest returns as well, but everyone across the board will get access to favorable cash returns.

While the lack of Weekly Poker Challenges might negatively affect some cash game grinders who were there purely to chase the Challenges, most other players will benefit from the new system quite a bit.

Here is a look at how the new scheme will look and what returns you can expect to get on a daily basis:

PokerStars Rewards LevelMonthly RakeRewards
Blue$0 – $59Daily $0.50 Ticket + 15% Rakeback
Bronze$60 – $199Daily $0.50 Ticket + 17.5% Rakeback
Silver$200 – $49920% Rekeback
Gold$500 – $1,19925% Rakeback
Diamond$1,200 – 2,49930% Rakeback
Black$2,500+40% Rakeback
Select$50k – $100k Yearly50% Rakeback
Select Plus$100k+  YearlyUp to 60% Rakeback

Become a PokerStars Select Player

The new PokerStars Rewards program introduces us with two new loyalty levels called Select and Select Plus, which will award a minimum of 50% in cash rakeback, paid daily.

To access these loyalty levels, you will need to rake a minimum of $50,000 in a year for Select and $100,000 for Select Plus level on a yearly basis.

If you are able to meet this rake requirement, you will access the Select program, which pays 50% at the base levels and up to 60% in rakeback at the Select Plus level.

Note that Select Plus members will still only receive 50% in rakeback in most games while receiving 60% for their Spin & Go and Zoom cash game rake.

Reaching the Select level will give you a chance to get at least half of your rake back across the board at one of the world’s largest poker platforms which already charges fairly low rake across most games compared to other poker apps.

Join PokerStars for Exciting Rewards in 2024

The PokerStars Rewards program has been inconsistent and often unclear on what it offers over the last couple of years, but those days are now behind us.

In 2024, PokerStars players will know exactly what they are playing for, and the rewards are about to become quite interesting for many player categories.

If you like what you see in terms of rewards and would like to play poker at one of the world’s biggest online poker sites, join PokerStars today and get access to the new Rewards program starting as early as January 22, 2024.

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