What is Roll to Win Craps?

roll to win craps

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Last Updated: February 2, 2024

Roll to Win craps is a version of the classic game craps designed to appeal to younger players. By offering lower table minimums compared to traditional craps tables, it is more suitable for casual players. The game features LCD screens that attempt to replicate the excitement of playing on tables. While keeping the rules and elements that traditional craps players appreciate, Roll to Win also incorporates captivating visuals and animations that attract audiences.

In Roll to Win craps, electronic table games (ETGs) are integrated with table setups. Each table accommodates up to 10 players who place their bets using assigned LCD screens. These bets are instantly reflected on the play area, where all the action unfolds electronically. Additionally, there is a menu for new players providing guidance on how to play craps.

Unlike craps tables that require dealers, depending on player count and table size, Roll to Win only needs one live dealer at the helm. Whenever a dealer updates a roll or outcome, it automatically updates across all player screens in time. After payouts are settled, the game refreshes itself for the round of excitement.

The electronic setup allows the dealer to focus on each player by keeping track of their actions and techniques while providing better customer service.

One significant benefit (for the operators) of the display is its capability to showcase advertisements. Operators can use the in-game screen to promote events, shows, promotions and various other ads. Moreover, operators can also advertise events for paying clients, thus creating a source of revenue. Roll to Win craps is a version of craps that aims to attract a different pool of players and generate profits for operators.

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