What Does Snake Eyes Mean in Craps?

snake eyes craps

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Last Updated: February 6, 2024

Snake eyes is a slang word used when the number 2 is rolled. Both dice must have one dot each to form the number 2 for it to be termed snake eyes. When a player rolls snake eyes, the resulting outcome is usually dependent on the bet made. Snake eyes craps (rolling a 2) loses in Come, pass line, place, buy, and lay bets. On the other hand, don't pass, don't come, field, and proposition bets win when a shooter rolls snake eyes.

There is a 2.78% (1 in 36) chance of a shooter rolling snake eyes when they throw the dice. This is quite low, and depending on your bet, you may have to be quite lucky or unlucky to get snake eyes. For bets that win on snake eyes, here is a payout table on what players should expect:

Bet Payout
Proposition 30:1
Field 2:1
Don't Come  1:1
Don't Pass 1:1

Snake eyes have a low chance of showing up when the shooter rolls, so players are advised to steer clear. But, if you want to throw optimal craps strategy to the wind and make a risky bet with the capacity for a huge payout, then hoping the shooter throws snake eyes is your best bet. 

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