Spanish 21 vs Blackjack: Which is Better for the Player?

spanish 21 vs blackjack

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Last Updated: February 20, 2024

As the name suggests, Spanish 21 is the Spanish version of the traditional blackjack game (also sometimes called the European blackjack). Both games have similar gameplay with very subtle differences. Spanish blackjack is always played with six decks of cards instead of the typical 6 or 8 for the conventional blackjack. 

But the most notable difference to note in a Spanish 21 vs Blackjack comparison is that no 10s are used in Spanish 21. This means all the cards with a value of 10 in the deck are removed. This leaves both the player and dealer with lots of low-value cards. 

Which is Better for the Player?

Generally, Spanish 21 is considered more favorable to players than the conventional game. First, the payout in Spanish 21 is always 3:2 odds. While a few conventional blackjack tables still offer 3:2 odds payouts, 6:5 games tend to be more common. 

Another benefit of Spanish 21 for players is that hitting a blackjack (21) is an automatic win for the player. Even if the dealer also manages to get a 21, the player will still be declared the winner. Unlike in European blackjack, Spanish 21 never ends in a tie (a push). This means even if the player and the dealer get a blackjack, the player wins. 

Spanish 21 also offers more side bet options and bonus payouts to players. For instance, players get bonus payouts for hitting a blackjack. The amount of this bonus payout depends on the number of cards it took to hit 21 points. Additionally, Spanish 21 has a variety of bonus payouts available for reaching a total of 21. The bonus payouts are dependent on how many cards it takes to hit a 21:

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