The 2024 Standards for Quality in New Online Casino Gaming

The 2024 Standards for Quality in New Online Casino Gaming

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Last Updated: March 14, 2024

Like most entertainment mediums, the world of online casino gaming is ever-changing. In the expansive digital realm, developers have gone all-out to create bigger and better products for players. The state of play has created a very competitive and never-ending race to the top, with new competitors entering the field all the time.

So, not only does the offering change constantly, but the standards of quality are regularly being bumped up – and often by those newcomers trying to break beyond the bigger brands. Here, we’re looking at the standards set for the key facets of new online casinos so you know what to look out for.

Technical Specifications Remain Key

Technical specifications remain key

Of course, most players sign up to an online casino to enjoy the slots, table games, and live games, as well as make the most of elements like bonuses and promotions. However, perhaps more fundamentally important are the more technical elements of the site’s build and the experience. A big part of this is the security of the site. You need to verify the licenses and terms of the site, primarily, if it utilizes SSL encryption.

SSL certificates are deployed to create encrypted links between the server and the user, so sensitive information like payment details are sent and received securely. You can find out about the security certificate of the site by pressing the information button along your web browser’s toolbar. As a rule, and as you’d expect, the higher the encryption bit count, the better the SSL is.

This also plays into the need for a diverse payment offering. Cards and bank transfers are still the preference for many, but where possible, using eWallets like PayPal does offer more protection and routes for recourse if needed.

Online casinos that offer these payment options without any fees incurred are generally more trustworthy and user-friendly. In line with this, testing customer service is all essential. See if they’re fast, helpful, and readily available. If not, the platform’s falling behind many of its peers.

Slots and Live Game Variety

Slots and live game variety

Slot games might not seem like they’ve come too far over the last couple of decades, but the infusion of hordes of developers from around the world has helped to diversify the slot gaming experience tremendously.

From higher-quality animations, zany features only made possible by being digital, progressive jackpots, and masses of paylines with varied symbols – like in MEGAWAYS games – there’s so much to discover these days.

As such, finding online casinos that update their slots library regularly and are fed by many, many different trusted providers is a big part of finding the right site. Some of the best new slots casinos draw from over 30 providers, and some even breach the 40-mark. On this point, it’s also good to spot the welcome offers that are open to a range of all slots with their free spins, rather than being restricted to just one hit game.

Then, of course, there’s the live gaming. As we know from playing live poker, real-time play against a human croupier or physical game offers a far more heightened experience than with purely digital renditions of the same game. With live casino gaming, though, the allure is that it’s gone well beyond the bounds of traditional casino games. A wide selection of live game shows should be expected and sought out on any new platform.

Exceedingly User-Friendly Bonuses

In the battlefield of welcome bonuses, online casinos would generally follow the rule of “the bigger, the better.” Of course, offering larger deposit matches and more free spins is more eye-catching. The only issue is that larger bonuses require larger ties in the form of their terms and conditions. To split the difference and offer an arguably more valuable bonus, many new online casinos have turned to the no-deposit bonus.

Players now seek these out as the bonuses offer a completely free way to try the platform. You sign up, get the bonus funds, play, and then decide if you should commit real money. Sums of 50 free spins on Orient Express or $10 to play on anything are now ideal welcome bonuses. It’s the next stage in the welcome bonus evolution, but what might come next may be no-wagering welcome bonuses, which award all winnings as withdrawable funds.

There are new, very high standards being set for any online casino looking to break into the market, with these aspects being among the most important.

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