The Best Mobile Gaming Products for Fans of the “Beautiful Game”

The Best Mobile Gaming Products for Fans of the Beautiful Game

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Last Updated: September 29, 2023

Alongside sports like cricket and basketball, football (or soccer) is a hugely popular option. In fact, football is actually the most played and followed game on the planet, with the beautiful game’s overall offering enticing fans from all over the world. These same fans enjoy sampling games based on the sport also.

Arguably the most loyal consumers on the planet, football fans have always contributed to the sport a great deal, be it through chanting and adding to Premier League atmosphere’s on a weekly basis, purchasing their beloved teams’ new kit every season, or following the action live as it unfolds even during a special family occasion.

Put simply, a football fan never lets outside influences get in the way of supporting their beloved club. Likewise, these same fans enjoy games where they can channel their inner Jurgen Klopp while managing Liverpool or score a belter with Kevin De Bruyne as Manchester City finally lift the Champions League trophy.

With new and improved football games coming to the mobile category of gaming on a fairly regular basis, let’s take a look at a selection of the very best options on mobile right now in 2023.

The Leading Titles At The Moment

Most popular football titles

When assessing the mobile gaming sphere, one of the main reasons why it appeals to so many gamers is due to the sheer amount of titles that are released on a daily basis. For football fans, the same most definitely applies.

Alongside the more simplistic creations is a wave of new and improved games that have elevated the mobile category of gaming massively. One of those titles is eFootball 2023, the game that was formerly known as PES.

Rebranded for modern-day audiences and offering the impressively detailed graphics gamers of today require, it’s easily one of the best mobile games around at the moment. It’s not perfect, though, with the game’s lack of licensing meaning that it has lost out on having many of the real players you see in the Champions League.

Still, overall, eFootball 2023 is well worth playing. Away from the downloadable football gaming options are popular sports-themed slot games like Football Rules. In Football Rules, the game takes the action from the pitch and translates it beautifully into the online casino world.

Players aim to come out on top in this 25-payline product that features some symbols you’d expect to see, such as a referee, a goalkeeper, a ball, and a selection of different jerseys. If casino games aren’t your thing, then the excellent FIFA 2023 might be.

Made by EA Sports, the latest version of the world-famous FIFA franchise is a go-to option for many football fans. Not only does it have the licensing for all key players, but the game’s graphics and all-round gameplay make it one of the best football titles ever to come out on mobile.

A Selection of Worthwhile Alternatives

While the leading titles tend to hog most of the limelight, given the popularity of the football gaming genre, there are still some top, lesser-known releases that are worth sampling. One of them that immediately fits the bill in that respect is Dream League 2023, a game where players are tasked to grow their side into becoming one of the best teams around.

There are eight leagues to win and a selection of different cup competitions to navigate your way through. Top Eleven is another great option, although it predominantly focuses on the management aspect of football.

Other football games to consider include Rumble Stars Football, Score Hero 2023, Rocket League Swipe, and Football Manager 2023 Mobile.

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