What Does Parlay Mean in Craps?

What does parlay mean in craps

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Last Updated: February 3, 2024

In craps, a parlay is when a player takes their winnings from a bet they just won and place it on the same bet for the next roll. Parlays are usually used on proposition bets.

When players let their wins ride on to the next bet, it increases their chances of winning bigger amounts as the money placed on the parlay is usually high. There are no craps rules that limit how long a player can parlay a bet, and it is usually down to personal preference. 

If a player makes a $10 wager on a pass line bet and it comes, they can decide to “let the bet ride.” If the pass line bet is successful on the next shooter's throw they receive a payout of $20, and the total profit becomes $30. 

Here is how a parlay works in craps:

  • A player makes a $10 pass line bet. 
  • The shooter throws a 7 and the bet wins.
  • The player decides to parlay the bet, which means they are staking the original $10 plus the $10 won from the original pass line bet.
  • The shooter throws a 7, and the bet wins again. 
  • The player gets paid $20 because the pass line bet pays 1:1. 

In the above scenario, the player has only risked $10 of their own money to win $30. It is important for players to know when to start and end a parlay so that they do not lose money needlessly. 

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