What is a Corner Bet in Roulette?

what is a corner bet in roulette

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Last Updated: February 7, 2024

A corner bet is also known as a square bet in roulette. This is when a player wagers on 4 numbers by placing the betting chip at the center of the numbers. This bet has a payout of 8:1 and a win probability of 10.8% (4:37). 

This bet does not reduce the house edge as it remains the same depending on the roulette wheel you are playing at. For the corner bet to work, the four numbers have to be touching each other on the betting board. According to mathematical calculations, there are 22 intersections possible for the corner bet.

The corner bet has a higher payout than other safe bets like the odds or even bets, but the risk is also higher. Similarly, it cannot be compared to higher-paying bets in the game, which makes it a mid-level bet. In terms of roulette strategy, it's not very risky, and it's not so safe, so the returns are decent, with an equally decent chance of losing the bet.

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