What is a Good RTP for Slot Machines?

what is a good rtp for slots

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Last Updated: February 21, 2024

The Return to Player (RTP) is a value expressed as a percentage. It shows the frequency at which slot games will pay a user when they play the game. There are slot games with RTPs as low as 86% and slots with RTPs as high as 99%. Online slots have an RNG that determines the outcome of the games. This mechanism is directly responsible for the RTP, hit rate, and volatility. The question most gamblers want answered is what is a good RTP for slots?

The best range for slots is 97% and above which is seen as high a Return to Player. Slot machines with 97% or more allow players to wager small amounts and win more consistently. A high RTP also means a lower house edge, as the house edge is the remaining percentage out of 100. For example, a slot with a 98% RTP has a house edge of 2%. In addition, the slot machine will pay out $98 for every $100 wagered on the machine.

High RTP slots are not very common (98-99%), but you can also find slots within the 96%-97% range which are also good for players. The payout is decent and the house edge is also at an acceptable level of between 4% to 3%, which is great for players. Slots with high RTP have more bonuses and special games, which increase the chances of players winning big rewards.

Players should check for games with an RTP of between 96% to 99% for the highest RTP. These are good RTP numbers because they have the lowest house edge and guarantee the most returns for wagered money. Always check the software providers page for accurate information on the Return to Player of your favorite slots. 

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