What is a Lay Bet in Craps?

what is a lay bet in craps

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Last Updated: February 7, 2024

A lay bet is a wager used by players at online casinos to determine the “true odds” of the shooter rolling a 7 before a specific number. Lay bets are usually made after the point has been established and there is a vig (commision paid on a bet) of 5% of potential winnings that players must pay. 

A lay bet is similar to a buy bet as it has a vig, but it takes the opposite direction of a buy bet. For example, if the point number is a 4, a player can take a buy bet that the shooter will roll a 4 before a 7 and a lay bet that a 7 will be rolled before a 4. 

Paying the vig or commission allows you to get better odds from the casino. Some online casinos collect the vig upfront regardless of whether you win the bet or not, while others only collect the vig if the lay bet comes. Some casinos have a “no commission” option for their lay bets and this drops the house edge to 2% or less. 

The house edge is determined by the point number you are rolling against. The more likely it is that a shooter will roll a number, the higher the house edge is. Here is a table showing the possible house edge and payout for various point numbers in a lay bet: 

Point Number House Edge Payout
4 or 10 2.4% 1:2
5 or 9 3.3% 2:3
6 or 8 4.1% 5:6

When to Play a Lay Bet?

The best time to play a lay bet is after the point has been established. Using the table above and following a simple craps strategy, you will be able to determine when the odds are in your favor and the possible payout. 

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