What is a Panda 8 Bet in Baccarat?

what is a panda in baccarat

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Last Updated: March 15, 2024

What is a Panda in baccarat? The Panda or Panda 8-side bet is a wager that the player will win by a 3-card hand with a total value of 8. This side bet pays out at 25:1, which is quite a large payout. The bet loses if the player gets an 8 on a 2-card hand. It must be a 3-card hand for the bet to win. This side bet is available in the EZ Baccarat variation of  Baccarat. EZ Baccarat removes the 5% commission charged on winning banker hands, but it keeps all the other rules intact. This version of Baccarat is popular at American casinos because of its simplicity and fast play. 

For the Panda 8 bet to win, the banker must have a total of 7 or less from their cards. As side bets, these must be used in conjunction with other bets in the game. The regular banker, player, and tie bets are available during the game. It is advisable for players to use baccarat card counting techniques when they want to make the Panda 8 side bet. This would allow them to know the best times to place the side bet. 

There is an opposite side bet called the Dragon 7, which can be made on the banker. This is a wager that the banker will have a total value of 7 from a 3-card hand, and it has a payout of 40:1. Although the Panda 8 bet is not as lucrative as the Dragon 7 bet, it has lower odds and a better chance of occurring. It is important for players to use the Panda 8 side bet when they are sure they have an advantage over the banker.

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