What is an Early Payout in Blackjack & Is It Worth It?

blackjack early payout

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Last Updated: February 20, 2024

As the name suggests, early payout in blackjack is a feature that allows you to pull out of the game early and cash in your hand before the dealer completes theirs. Players use this blackjack strategy when they’re not sure they have a winning or losing hand and would like to save a portion of their initial wager. 

It is similar to the blackjack surrender feature, which gives you 50% of your stake if you choose to throw in the towel before the game ends. However, for the payout option, the probability of getting a winning hand against the dealer is calculated and this is used to calculate how much you’ll get as payout. 

Is It Worth It? 

Now that you know what is blackjack early payout, is it really worth it? Generally, the early payout feature is beneficial in certain situations because it allows you to save part of your wager at least. That way, you don’t lose completely if you have a weaker hand against the dealer. For instance, imagine a scenario where your card already sums up to 18 or 19, but the dealer manages to beat you by getting 20 points. If you used the early payout option, you would have gotten some part of your wager. 

When you use the early payout options, how much you’ll get depends on the value of the cards you’re holding. If you’re showing a weak hand against a dealer’s strong hands, your payout will be less than the initial stake. Conversely, if your hand is strong and the dealer’s is weak, you’ll get more than your initial stake. However, should you choose the early payout route, you’ll never get as much as what you would have won naturally if you followed through till the end. 

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