What is a Super Six Bet in Baccarat?

what is super 6 in baccarat

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Last Updated: March 9, 2024

If you have never played the Super 6 version of Baccarat, you may wonder: What is a Super 6 bet in Baccarat? The Super 6 bet is a side bet available in a variation of Baccarat called the Super 6. This side bet wagers that the banker will have a hand total that equals six. Any other total means the bet is lost. 

It usually has a payout of 12:1, but some casinos payout at 18:1. The house edge on the Super 6 side bet is 29.98%, which is considered high by players, but the 12:1 payout makes it worthwhile. 

The Super 6 side bet can only be made alongside a banker bet in the same round. Furthermore, the maximum amount you can bet is 10% of your banker bet. For example, if your banker bet is $10, your Super 6 bet will be $1. The side bet is optional, and it offers players a chance to increase their total payout when betting on the banker. It is also important for players to balance the amounts on the bet with their main bet. This is because of the 10% cap placed on the side bet.

The Super 6 side bet is a long shot with a high house edge, but when it pays off, the returns are massive. Newbies are advised to learn the ropes properly before they start making this side bet because they can blow through their bankroll quickly if not careful. 

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