What is the Best Roulette Bet Odds-Wise?

what is the best roulette bet

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Last Updated: February 9, 2024

What is the best roulette bet? Roulette players are often consumed with finding the best odds for bets when playing the game. Whether you're playing American or European roulette, the odds are calculated in the same way. There are either 37 or 38 pockets on the wheels, and the odds are calculated using 35 pockets. That is the maximum payout allowed, which means the house always retains an edge. 

The safe bets with the best odds players should consider are odd or even, Red or black, 1-18 (Low numbers), and 19-36 (High numbers). These bets are seen as boring bets because their odds are not super high, but they provide security and consistent wins. They also give players the option of a push, which means players can have money returned if the ball lands on a zero. 

The odds of landing in a black pocket are slightly less than 50%, which is among the highest odds you can get for any outcome in the game. Betting on either odd or even numbers also carries the same amount of odds, which makes them quite good, although the payouts are lower. For high and low bets, a huge part of the wheel is covered, which reduces the chances of losing. What these bets do for players is give them consistent wins over time while reducing losses. 

The single-zero wheels and double-zero wheels carry slightly different odds for the same bet.  The majority of the wagers players place should be safe bets, as it puts the odds in their favor and provides the option of the push, which returns their funds and allows for better bankroll management. The important thing to note is to learn the odds for each bet and blend them into their roulette strategies

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