Why the Banker Has an Advantage in Baccarat (Explanation)

why does the banker have an advantage in baccarat

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Last Updated: March 15, 2024

“Why does the banker have an advantage in baccarat?” This question is one of the most widely researched among players of the game. The answer is quite simple: it's all in the rules. The banker is allowed to draw cards based on the player's hand, which gives them a slight advantage as they can react after the fact. 

For example, a banker will pick a third card only if it gives them an advantage over the player. Therefore, if a banker has an 8 or 9 (the 9 is called a natural) no new cards will be dealt, and the player's hand will be completed first. 

The banker's hand is completed last, which gives the player a slight disadvantage. The banker can “manipulate” the game to the tempo of the player. Therefore, as the last to complete their hand, they will win more times than a player would. 

There is also a commission of 5% charged on banker bets, which accumulates over time to give the house an advantage. In addition, tie bets have high odds but they are relatively uncommon occurrences. This gives the banker an advantage when the odds are calculated. 

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