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Last Updated: January 25, 2024

Ever since launching in 2022, WPT Global has been growing steadily and improving its already impressive offer for poker players from all parts of the world.

Now, things just got even better, as WPT Global is offering players to win WPT Prime Passports, direct entry tickets into the prestigious WPT Prime events across the globe.

WPT Prime Passport satellites will be running on the platform every weekend. These give players a chance to earn their seats in WPT Prime events at a fraction of their regular price.

Players who enjoy playing on live poker tours will have plenty of opportunities to win seats for some of the best mid-stakes events in the world. This opportunity makes WPT Global the best poker room for them to join and grind out the packages.

Let’s take a more detailed look at what the WPT Prime Passports include and how you can win yours in 2023.

Win Your WPT Prime Passports at WPT Global

WPT Prime Passport is the most recent entry ticket into WPT Prime events, which are played alongside all major WPT tournaments out there.

Every Saturday and Sunday for the foreseeable future, WPT Global will be running WPT Prime Passport qualifiers.

The qualifiers will come with a $110 buy-in and one Passport will be given away for every $1,500 in the prize pool.

Players who end up winning a WPT Prime Passport will have a chance to use it to play a WPT Prime event of their choosing at any WPT stop anywhere in the world.

You can even win more than one WPT Prime Passport, which makes these qualifiers ideal for players looking to get as much live poker tournament action as possible at a minimal price.

The first WPT Prime Passport you win has to be used to play in an event. Any subsequent Passports you win through qualifiers can also be exchanged for tournament tickets at WPT Global.

WPT Prime Passport Details

It is important to note that a WPT Prime Passport only pays for your buy-ins. You will have to make sure to reach the tournament destination and pay for your own accommodations and other expenses.

If you win a WPT Prime Passport, make sure to inform WPT Global of the exact event you wish to play in at least 23 days before the start. That way, all the necessary arrangements can be made ahead of time.

Some of the upcoming events you can play in with the WPT Prime Passport include:

  • WPT Prime Amsterdam – March 23 – April 1
  • WPT Prime Bratislava – May 11 – 15
  • WPT Prime Hanoi – May 25 – 29
  • WPT Prime San Remo – June 1 – 11

Join WPT Global Today

Not only does WPT Global give you the most chances to win your entry into a plethora of exciting live poker events around the world, but it also offers some of the best online poker action around.

win wpt prime passports at wpt global

With thousands of players from all corners of the world, the softest cash games around, and plenty of massive tournaments, WPT Global is easily one of the most attractive online poker platforms to play at today.

Join WPT Global today, claim their valuable $1,200 welcome package, and compete in WPT Prime Passport qualifiers to win your seats at some of the best upcoming live events in Europe and beyond.

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