WPT Prime Amsterdam Schedule, Highlights, and More – Holland Casino Welcomes Europe’s Poker Elite

WPT Prime Amsterdam

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Last Updated: March 4, 2024

The world’s most prestigious mid-major poker tour kicked off another successful season with its Aix-En-Provence festival in the south of France and is about to offer even more poker action in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.

Starting on March 15, the WPT Prime Amsterdam festival is set to offer another poker extravaganza on European soil, with a selection of affordable buyin events and hundreds of expected runners.

All eyes will be set on the €1,100 WPT Prime Amsterdam Main Event, which kicks off on March 17 and offers four unique starting flights before Day 2 action begins on March 21.

As usual, WPT will offer a selection of exciting side events to ensure the action never stops during the week-long poker festival in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Tournament poker fans from all of Europe have a lot to look forward to as WPT Prime Amsterdam comes closer, so let’s take a look at all the key facts about the festival as well as the full schedule of events you will have a chance to play.

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WPT Prime Amsterdam Schedule Revealed

WPT Prime Amsterdam will be one of Europe's most exciting poker events this spring, as it is expected to potentially bring in over 1,000 players and create a monster prize pool.

After the successful Aix-En-Provence event with 758 entries, which awarded the champion Yakiv Syzghanov a $144,612 first-place prize, WPT Prime seeks to create an even bigger and more impactful festival in Amsterdam.

Action in the Netherlands will kick off on Friday, March 15, with a €565 Opener event, with a number of other lower-buyin events scheduled for the weekend and beyond.

Main Event action starts on Sunday, March 17, with Day 1 flights available on Monday and Tuesday as well, allowing multiple opportunities to qualify for Day 2.

It is worth noting that the Main Event will feature 40-minute levels but also unlimited re-entry options, which many pros will likely take advantage of to fire multiple bullets and do what they must to qualify for the late stages of the event.

Pot Limit Omaha players will get their chance in a €1,100 8-Max PLO event that starts on March 21 and ends the following day, while high-rollers get to compete in a €2,200 High Roller event that kicks off on March 22 and ends on March 23.

With plenty of action at different buyin levels, WPT Prime Amsterdam promises to leave everyone satisfied and provide just the right amount of action for any player who joins the festival.

Here is a look at the full WPT Prime Amsterdam schedule with all the side events you can play:

Mar 15 – 16WPT Prime Opener€56525k – 30 Min
Mar 15WPT Prime Hyper Turbo€27515k – 15 Min
Mar 16 – 17WPT Prime NLH Re-Entry€34520k – 30 Min
Mar 16WPT Prime Hyper Turbo€27515k – 15 Min
Mar 17 – 23WPT Prime Main Event€1,10040k – 40 Min
Mar 17WPT Prime Main Event Satellite€16510k  – 20 Min
Mar 18 – 19WPT Prime NLH Bounty€84025k – 30 Min
Mar 18WPT Prime Main Event Satellite€16510k – 20 Min
Mar 19WPT Prime Main Event Satellite€16510k – 20 Min
Mar 21 – 22WPT Prime 8-Max PLO€1,10030k – 40 Min
Mar 21WPT Prime High Roller Satellite€33010k – 20 Min
Mar 22  – 23WPT Prime High Roller€2,20050k – 40 Min
Mar 22WPT Prime Hyper Turbo€27515k – 15 Min
Mar 23WPT Prime Progressive Bounty€34520k – 20 Min
WPT Prime Amsterdam 2024 Schedule

Action Clock and Time Chips Explained

If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam for the WPT Prime Amsterdam festival, it is worth noting that the Main Event and other key events will feature an action clock, which will be used in all stages of the tournament.

If you have not played poker with an action clock before, it may be a bit of an adjustment, so it is worth explaining how it works and what you will have to do.

At the start of play, each player gets 15 seconds to act on their hand preflop. If you don’t act on your hand in that period, your hand is folded. The amount of time you have to act preflop will increase to 20 seconds ITM and 30 seconds at the final table.

Once you have placed chips into the pot, you will have 30 seconds to make every subsequent action when it’s your turn to act again.

If you need more time to act on your hand, you will be able to use a number of time chips, which will be assigned at the start of play and throughout the tournament.

You will have a limited number of time chips, which will limit the amount of time you can spend thinking in your hands and speed up play.

If your clock happens to run out mid-hand, don’t worry, as the dealer will simply request you give them a time chip instead of folding your hand.

However, if you run out of time and time chips, your hand will be folded, and you will not be able to take any further action.

Get Ready for WPT Prime Amsterdam

WPT Prime Amsterdam is now just a month away, with the first events kicking off on March 15, so it is time to prepare for the trip.

Check out the World Poker Tour website for a direct link to discounted accommodations near the tournament venue at Casino Holland, as well as a number of other useful assets.

Remember to bookmark this page for a detailed schedule of WPT Prime events this March, and best of luck at the tables.

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