The Full WSOP 2024 Schedule Is Out, Featuring 99 Bracelet Events

wsop 2024 schedule released

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Last Updated: February 20, 2024

The wait is finally over, as the World Series of Poker has revealed the full schedule for 2024. The 2024 WSOP schedule came a bit later than usual, but there is still plenty of time to prepare and organize for the summer grind in Las Vegas.

The 2024 edition of the World Series of Poker, marking the 55th anniversary of the event, will feature the record-breaking 99 events running May 28 – July 17. There will be plenty of action across all buy-in levels, and some dozen new events added to the mix.

One oddity this year is that the WSOP will not kick off with the Casino Employees event. While the tournament will play out on the first day, May 28, the first official event of the 2024 WSOP will be the $5,000 Champions Reunion, where players will have a chance to win Main Event seats by eliminating former winners.

2024 WSOP Key Details

  • Dates: May 28 – June 17
  • Venue: Horseshoe and Paris, Las Vegas
  • Number of bracelet events: 99
  • Main Event dates: July 3 – 17
  • Official live stream partner: PokerGO

Big Summer Ahead

In 2023, WSOP broke many records, including the Main Event attendance record that was in place since 2006. This year, the company will look to build on that momentum, with the largest number of bracelet events in its 55 years history.

The WSOP 2024 schedule includes a number of new events and many favorites coming back, including the $300 Gladiators of Poker, a super-cheap tournament that gives everyone a shot at a coveted WSOP bracelet.

In the months leading up to the series, players will have ample opportunities to qualify for WSOP events, both live and online. During the Series, plans to host daily satellites offering seats to a next day’s  bracelet event, which should further boost participation numbers this year.

New Tournaments on the 2024 WSOP Schedule

Live poker tournaments have been booming in recent times, and WSOP is looking to take full advantage of that trend. So, with just one tournament short of 100, the 2024 schedule features quite a few new and interesting events.

June 13Big O Championship$10,000
June 25PokerNews Deep Stack Championship NLHE$600
June 26Seniors High Roller NLHE$5,000
July 3Independence Day Celebration$800
July 9Mystery Bounty PLO$1,000
July 11Mid-Stakes Championship NLHE$3,000

These and other new events on the schedule will give players an opportunity to enjoy their time at the WSOP even more. It is clear that the goal is to make sure not a moment goes to waste, with action happening around the clock and buy-ins and formats catering to all tastes and preferences.

2024 WSOP Main Event Looking to Break Records

The 2023 Main Event was a landmark tournament in many regards. It posted the largest field in the history of the event, and the eventual winner, Daniel Weinman took home $12.1 million, the largest prize ever.

But, in words of WSOP’s Executive Director Ty Stewart, records are made to be broken, and the organizers are looking forward to the 2024 edition of the WSOP Main Event.

Anticipating large player numbers, WSOP has introduced an additional 100 poker tables, so there will be no shortage of space. And, with big plans for online and live satellites once again, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for the attendance record to be broken again.

Other Highlight Events on the WSOP 2024 Schedule

In addition to the Main Event and new tournaments, players can look forward to many events they’ve become accustomed to at the World Series of Poker. Some of the main highlights include:

$5,000 Champions Reunion on May 28 – knocking out previous Main Event winners will earn you a seat in the 2024 Main Event

  • $1,000 Mystery Millions, starting on May 30 – $1,000,000 top bounty is guaranteed
  • $300 Gladiators of Poker, kicking off on June 6 – $3,000,000 guaranteed prize pool & payouts each flight
  • $1,500 Monster Stack from June 14 – 50,000 starting stack
  • $1,500 Millionaire Maker starting on June 21 – $1,000,000 guaranteed for the winner
  • $400 Colossus from June 28 – featuring payouts every day
  • $1,000 Flip & Go Event by GGPoker on July 8

Of course, these are just a few tournaments we’ve picked to highlight here. There will be all the different $10,000 championships and several high roller tournaments with buy-ins ranging $25,000 – $100,000. There is also the $250,000 Super High Roller on the docket.

Full 2024 WSOP Schedule

With so many bracelet events this year, we can’t cover all of them in detail. However, we’re bringing you a full 2024 WSOP schedule, with starting dates for the first Day 1 and buy-ins to help you plan your Las Vegas summer.

DateEvent NumberTournament NameBuy-inHighlights
May 28#1Champions Reunion$5,000Main Event seats
May 28#2Casino Employees$500N/A
May 29#3WSOP Kickoff (NLHE)$500N/A
May 29#4Omaha Hi-Lo$1,500N/A
May 30#5Mystery Millions (NLHE)$1,000$1M top bounty, $1M for the winner
May 30#6Heads Up Championship (NLHE)$25,000
May 30#7Dealers Choice$1,500N/A
May 31#8PLO 8-Handed$5,000N/A
May 31#9Limit Hold’em$1,500N/A
June 1#10Omaha Hi-Lo Championship$10,000N/A
June 2#11Badugi$1,500N/A
June 3#126-Handed NLHE$1,500N/A
June 3#13Dealers Choice Championship$10,000N/A
June 4#14Super Turbo Bounty (NLHE)$1,000N/A
June 4#15PLO Hi-Lo$1,500N/A
June 4#168-Handed NLHE$5,000N/A
June 5#17Deepstack NLHE$800N/A
June 5#188-Handed PLO$1,500N/A
June 5#19Limit Hold’em Championship$10,000N/A
June 6#20Gladiators of Poker$300$3,000,000
June 6#216-Handed High Roller NLHE$25,000N/A
June 6#222-7 Triple Draw$1,500N/A
June 7#23NLHE Shootout$1,500 
June 7#24PLO Hi-Lo Championship$10,000N/A
June 8#256-Handed NLHE$3,000N/A
June 9#268-Handed High Roller NLHE$25,000N/A
June 9#27Big O$1,500N/A
June 10#28NLHE Freezeout$1,500N/A
June 10#29Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Championship$10,000Na
June 11#30Mixed NLHE / PLO Deepstack$600N/A
June 11#316-Handed NLHE$3,000N/A
June 11#32Seven Card Stud$1,500N/A
June 12#338-Handed PLO Deepstack$600N/A
June 12#34NLHE Freezeout$2,500N/A
June 12#35H.O.R.S.E.$1,500N/A
June 13#368-Handed NLHE Deepstack$800N/A
June 13#37Big O Championship$10,000N/A
June 14#38Monster Stack$1,500N/A
June 14#398-Handed High Roller NLHE$50,000N/A
June 14#40Razz$1,500N/A
June 15#41Mixed NLHE / PLO Double Board Bomb Pot$1,500N/A
June 15#427 Card Stud Championship$10,000N/A
June 16#43Mixed PLO Hi-Lo, Omaha Hi-Lo, Big O$1,500N/A
June 17#44NLHE$2,000N/A
June 17#45H.O.R.S.E. Championship$10,000N/A
June 18#46Seniors Championship NLHE$1,00050 years and older
June 18#47High Roller NLHE$100,000N/A
June 18#488-Handed PLO$1,000N/A
June 19#49NLHE Freezeout$3,000N/A
June 19#50Razz Championship$10,000N/A
June 20#51Super Turbo Bounty NLHE$1,500N/A
June 20#526-Handed NLHE$5,000N/A
June 20#53Nine Game Mix$3,000N/A
June 21#54Millionaire Maker$1,500$1,000,000 for the winner
June 21#55Super High Roller NLHE$250,000N/A
June 21#56Mixed Triple Draw Lowball$2,500N/A
June 22#57Super Turbo Bounty NLHE$10,000N/A
June 23#58Poker Players Championship$50,000N/A
June 24#59Super Seniors NLHE$1,00060 years or older
June 24#60NLHE$3,000N/A
June 24#61Mixed Omaha Hi-Lo/7 Card Stud Hi-Lo$2,500N/A
June 25#62PokerNews Deepstack Championship NLHE$600N/A
June 25#63No Limit 2-7 Draw$1,500N/A
June 26#64NLHE Deepstack$600N/A
June 26#65Seniors High Roller NLHE$5,00050 years and older
June 26#66PLO Championship$10,000N/A
June 27#67Salute to Warriors$500Proceeds donated to charity
June 27#68NLHE$2,500N/A
June 27#697 Card Stud Hi-Lo$1,500N/A
June 28#70Colossus$400Payouts each flight
June 28#71Ladies NLHE Championship$1,000 / $10,000Discounted buy-in of $1,000 for ladies
June 28#722-7 Lowball Draw Championship$10,000N/A
June 29#73High Roller PLO$25,000N/A
June 30#747 Card Stud Hi-Lo Championship$10,000N/A
July 1#75Tag Team NLHE$1,000Two person teams
July 1#76Mystery Bounty NLHE$10,000N/A
July 1#77Mixed Bag Event$2,500NLHE, PLO, 5 Card Draw, 2-7, Big O, PLO Hi-LO
July 2#78Mini Main Event$1,000N/A
July 2#79High Roller PLO$50,000N/A
July 3#80Independence Day Celebration NLHE$800N/A
July 3#81Main Event$10,000NLHE World Championship
July 6#82NLHE$1,000N/A
July 7#83Eight Game Mix$1,500N/A
July 7#84Ultra Stack NLHE$60060,000 starting stack
July 8#85Flip & Go NLHE$1,000Presented by GGPoker
July 9#86Mystery Bounty PLO$1,000N/A
July 9#878-Handed NLHE$5,000N/A
July 10#88Eight Game Mixed Championship$10,000N/A
July 11#89Mid-Stakes Championship NLHE$3,000N/A
July 11#906-Handed PLO$1,500N/A
July 11#91H.O.R.S.E.$3,000N/A
July 12#92High Roller NLHE$50,000N/A
July 13#93Lucky 7’s NLHE$777$777,777 GTD for the winner
July 13#946-Handed NLHE Championship$10,000N/A
July 14#95Poker Hall of Fame Bounty NLHE$1,979Every Hall of Famer is a bounty
July 14#96H.O.R.S.E. High Roller$25,000N/A
July 15#976-Handed PLO$3,000N/A
July 15#98The Closer NLHE$1,500N/A
July 17#99Super Turbo NLHE$1,000N/A

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