3 Things to Look Forward to at the 2023 WPT World Championship

3 things wpt world championship

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Last Updated: January 25, 2024

The 2023 WPT World Championship at the Wynn is now just a couple of weeks away. From everything we’ve seen so far, this event will be one of the best and most exciting we’ve seen in a while, with players coming from all four corners of the world to fight for their share of massive prize pools.

The WPT has certainly put in a lot of effort into this one, creating a massive buzz over the last few months. Online qualifiers have helped things a lot as well, allowing many players with limited funds to get a chance to compete in a five-figure buy-in event that they couldn’t otherwise afford.

All this is to say that there are many things to look forward to this December in Las Vegas, but in this article, we are bringing you our top three expectations/predictions on what is likely going to make the WPT World Championship Festival one for poker history books.

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The Largest Guarantee in Live Poker – Broken!

The WPT World Championship features a guaranteed prize pool of $40,000,000, the largest ever when it comes to live poker tournaments. It is certainly an ambitious goal, but the organizer seems confident they’ll be able to make it.

With the live poker scene seemingly bigger than ever and people itching to get in the mix, it certainly seems like the best moment to go for it.

We expect that the Championship will manage to handsomely shatter its ambitious guarantee, and the winner will take home a massive first-place prize. The $10,400 buy-in is not for everyone’s pocket, but once again, there will be at least 1,000 qualifiers in the event who managed to get their seats at a much lower rate.

Breaking the guarantee would be a big win for the organizer, but it would be a massive milestone for the entire poker community as well. It would send a positive signal to all live tournament organizers out there that they can set big goals with confidence as there is plenty of interest to support them.

The Best Big One for One Drop Yet

The $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop event has captured the hearts and imagination of poker fans around the world since its very first edition. Attracting ultra-rich businessmen and some of the best players in the world, it is a one-of-a-kind event tournament that never disappoints.

Until now, the Big One was a part of the WSOP schedule, but it has now partnered up with the World Poker Tour, and this December, we expect the best and most exciting tournament so far.

Many big names have already confirmed their participation, with the legend Phil Ivey leading the charge. As always, the tournament will be a mix of experienced high-rollers, rich businessmen looking for the thrill, and some quality players who don’t quite have the bankroll for it but will sell some of the action to get involved.

Thus far, the largest even in terms of turnout happened in 2012, the very first year the Big One for One Drop was organized. That tournament saw 48 entries, and the winner, Antonio Esfandiari, took home over $18,000,000.

Could the WPT version of the event finally break that record and bring the field size over 50? It’s a tall order for a seven-figure buy-in tournament, but once again, if there’s ever been a moment for it, it is 2023!

A Qualifier Winning Big Money

It’s been over two decades now since Chris Moneymaker took down the Main Event, creating what’s become known as the “poker boom.” An amateur player winning the biggest and most prestigious event in all of poker created something that no one could have seen coming.

If there was ever a great time for another upset like that, it would be now. The poker world is buzzing with excitement, tournament fields are bigger than ever, and it feels like another Moneymaker-esque event is just what’s needed to tip the scales.

With the number of qualifiers joining the 2023 WPT World Championship, the odds are good that one of them might make a final table or even win the entire tournament. It is entirely possible that someone will parlay their initial $5 buy-in on WPT Global into a seven-figure score.

An event like that could lead to another poker boom, sending a message out there that the poker dream is still well and alive in 2023. Things may have changed, and games may have become tougher, but the world of possibilities is still out there for those brave enough to reach for it!

Of course, a tournament like this will be jam-packed with top-class professionals, so recreational players will have their work cut out for them. However, with a bit of luck, anyone can win, and it’s hard not to root for the proverbial underdogs, knowing the positive effect it could have on the popularity of the game.

An Event for Poker History Books

They say that it’s good to keep one’s expectations in check, but when it comes to the WPT World Championship, there is little reason to do so. There is every indication that this will be an epic tournament, and surrounding events will be just as exciting.

Whatever happens in December, it will be a great way to bring 2023 to a close and wrap up one of the best years live poker has seen in a while!

The cards will be in the air for the Championship soon, and everyone’s excited about it. Those who can’t make it to Las Vegas will still get to enjoy the Festival thanks to live streams and around-the-clock coverage featuring some of our favorite players in action!

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