Daniel Negreanu Continues His Hot Run in 2024

Daniel Negreau PGT PLO Series

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Last Updated: March 24, 2024

It’s been an amazing start to the year for Daniel Negreanu, one of the biggest names in the world of poker, who is looking to bounce back from the worst year of his life he experienced in 2023.

At the start of the year, Daniel talked publically about his 2023, not hiding his $2,000,000 loss in tournament poker, and talking about some of the reasons behind the bad results he had throughout the year.

Negreanu promised to introduce some changes, with quality over quantity being the biggest one, and it seems these changes are working like a charm.

Just yesterday, Daniel booked his second win of the year in the PGT PLO Series $5k Event #3, which was good for $147,500 and another PokerGO Tour Trophy.

This was Daniel’s 10th cash of 2024, all of them coming from the PokerGO Tour, which he has been mainly dedicated to playing in the early months of the year.

Kid Poker Is Back in Full Force

Daniel Negreanu is one name that every poker fan out there probably recognizes, as he’s been around since before the Poker Boom and has been at the very top for over two decades.

We are used to seeing Daniel win, so his 2023 loss of over $2,000,000 may have left some of his fans at a loss for words.

Yet, his losses last year were a result of many things, including variance and bad run in the biggest buyins he played, as well as some sloppy play and lack of desire to win in some of the smaller events.

This year, it seems like Kid Poker is really looking to turn it all around, as he has been playing with a new vigor and demonstrating his skillset across different poker games from the get-go.

Just two days into 2024, Daniel won the $10k PGT Last Chance #1 for $218,400, which was a No Limit Hold’em event, and then followed that up with a few more deep runs across the various PGT NLH events.

Then, he managed a 5th, 4th, and 2nd place in the PGT Mixed Games Championship, only to take down the third event of the PLO Series as well.

Negreanu has always been known as the master of many different formats of the game of poker, and it seems that the PGT schedule that involves all the games is truly to his liking.

The 49 year-old Canadian pro promised he would be playing fewer events while focusing on playing better, but has already put in quite a bit of volume as well, showing up for every major PGT event that was played so far this year.

DNegs Dominates a Tough Final Table

Negreanu and five others made the final table of Event #3 of the PGT Pot Limit Omaha Series, plowing through a starting field of 118 players.

He came into the final table as chip leader and put the chip lead to good use, pressuring the smaller stacks, forcing players to fold better hands, and truly playing every hand to the best of his abilities.

We saw Negreanu fully focused on the game at hand, and it was truly refreshing to see him avoid bad beats and coolers and use his skillset to navigate a tough field.

The field included Lance Patel, Dylan Weisman, Curtis Muller, and Bruno Forth, all of whom fell along the way before Daniel was left playing heads-up for the trophy against Anuj Agarwal.

In the decisive hand of the tournament, the two players got it all in on the flop with Daniel holding two pair against a big draw of Agarwal.

Things only got worse for Daniel on the turn, as Agarwal picked up even more outs, but the river bricked out and gave Negreanu a massive chip lead that quickly turned into a win.

If this was 2023, we would fully expect to see his opponent make a straight or a flush on the river, but it seems that things are turning around for Negreanu in 2024 and that this could be a truly great year for the six-time WSOP bracelet winner.

What’s Next for Daniel Negreanu?

The tournament poker schedule has been off the hook over the last few years, with so many different tours to play and so many stops to choose from at any time of the year.

Unlike the younger version of himself, Daniel doesn’t seem to enjoy traveling to play poker all year long anymore, and he has made Las Vegas his base of operations for the most part.

Over the next couple of months, we can expect to see Daniel grind out any PGT events that play out at the Aria in preparation for the upcoming World Series of Poker.

The WSOP is Daniel’s favorite time of the year, and although he has promised to reduce his schedule a bit this time, we will still see him play in all the major events with buyins of $10k or more, along with some smaller stakes tournaments as well.

Daniel will be aiming for bracelet number seven, and perhaps even eight, and if he can continue the hot run from these first three months of the year, we could see that dream come to fruition.

We also know that Negreanu won’t be actively chasing after the POY title at the WSOP this year either, but an early win could easily see him change his mind and put in extra volume to try and pick up that honor for the third time in his career.

In either case, we can expect to see a lot more of Daniel Negreanu before the year is over as he looks to leave 2023 behind and make 2024 one of the best years of his tournament poker career.

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