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Last Updated: July 16, 2023

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is in its final days, and it’s time for poker players from all over the world to start thinking about what comes next.

Fortunately, the live poker schedule for 2023 is loaded with great options, with PokerStars EPT Barcelona being one of the top upcoming poker stops on the schedule.

Scheduled for August 21 to September 3, EPT Barcelona 2023 is likely to be one of the biggest live poker festivals played in Europe this year, making it one you will not want to miss.

With buy-ins ranging from just €550, all the way up to €100,000, EPT Barcelona will not disappoint any visitors who do decide to make it out to Catalonia to play in one of the top destinations on the yearly poker schedule.

Let’s take a closer look at the EPT Barcelona schedule, the highlights of the festival, and other details you will want to know before you finalize your plans.

EPT Barcelona Schedule & Highlights

PokerStars has released the full schedule for the upcoming EPT stop at Barcelona a little while ago, and it’s one of the most impressive lineups of poker tournaments you can play on European soil this whole year.

Starting on August 21, the festival will feature a full plethora of Estrellas Poker Tour (ESPT) and European Poker Tour (EPT) events, along with countless side events running every single day.

The €1,100 ESPT Main Event and the €550 ESPT Cup will mark the early days of the festival. The €5,300 EPT Main Event, the €3,000 EPT Mystery Bounty, and the EPT High Roller events will provide plenty of play for all the high rollers who make their way out to Barcelona.

Throughout the entire duration of the festival, PokerStars will be running a variety of side events, including smaller stakes NLH tournaments, PLO and mixed games events, and satellites for all the biggest games on the schedule.

While the action will certainly culminate with the televised €5,300 EPT Main Event, you can check out the schedule below for a list of all the most important tournaments to play in Barcelona this summer.

EPT Barcelona 2023 Main Highlights

  • €1,100 ESPT Main Event – August 21
  • €10,200 Mystery Bounty – August 21
  • €1,100 NLH Freezeout – August 22
  • €1,100 8-Game Single Re-Entry – August 22
  • €10,150 NLH Hyper Turbo – August 22
  • €1,100 8-Game Single Re-Entry – August 23
  • €25,000 NLH Unlimited Re-Entry – August 23
  • €1,100 NLH Seniors (50+) Single Re-Entry – August 23
  • €50,000 NLH Unlimited Re-Entry – August 25
  • €550 Estrellas Cup – August 25
  • €2,200 ESPT High Roller – August 26
  • €100,000 EPT Super High Roller – August 26
  • €5,300 EPT Main Event Single Re-Entry per Flight – August 27
  • €1,650 PLO Unlimited Re-Entry – August 27
  • €2,100 NLH Single Re-Entry – August 28
  • €2,700 EPT Second Chance – August 29
  • €1,100 PLO Hi/Lo Single Re-Entry – August 29
  • €50,000 Super High Roller Second Chance – August 29
  • €1,050 NLH Hyper Turbo Freezeout – August 29
  • €25,000 NLH Unlimited Re-Entry – August 30
  • €3,000 EPT Mystery Bounty Unlimited Re-Entry – August 30
  • €10,200 PLO Single Re-Entry – August 30
  • €550 NLH Freezeout – August 30
  • €2,100 Hyper Turbo Knockout – August 30
  • €1,100 HORSE Single Re-Entry – August 31
  • €1,650 Mystery Bounty Unlimited Re-Entry – September 1
  • €10,300 EPT High Roller Single Re-Entry – September 1
  • €500 NLH Women’s Event Single Re-Entry – September 1
  • €2,100 Hyper Turbo Knockout – September 1
  • €550 Deep Stack Single Re-Entry – September 2
  • €2,200 Deep Stack Single Re-Entry – September 2
  • €25,000 NLH Unlimited Re-Entry – September 2
  • €550 NLH Unlimited Re-Entry – September 3
  • €3,150 6-Max NLH Unlimited Re-Entry – September 3
  • €10,200 6-Max NLH Unlimited Re-Entry – September 3
  • €1,050 Last Chance Hyper Turbo – September 3

The list above shows only the most significant of the events that will go down during the two weeks of poker action in Barcelona, with a number of other satellites and events to run along the way.

To make things even more appealing, PokerStars has announced a variety of cash game tables will be open, including NLH, PLO, and mixed games, with blinds starting as low as €5/5, and going all the way up to the nosebleeds.

Whatever kind of poker you most prefer, Barcelona will be the city to fly out to in late August, as most of the world’s poker elite will gather for one of Europe’s top poker festivals.

EPT Barcelona Venue and Activities

Located at the luxurious Hotel Arts in Barcelona, Casino Barcelona will play host to this year’s EPT Barcelona festival.

Located near the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella, some of the city’s most vibrant beeches, and the city centre itself, Casino Barcelona will be the perfect location for the event.

Players will have the option of sleeping at Hotel Arts itself for the duration of the festival, with PokerStars ensuring reduced rates for all tournament participants.

ept barcelona 2023 venue

A number of adjacent hotels and accommodations are also available at reduced rates for those looking for bargain deals while still staying near the venue itself.

To make the experience even more complete, PokerStars is offering a number of free experiences to all players on a first-come, first-serve basis.

When you arrive to Barcelona, ask the PokerStars Travel desk about the following complimentary experiences:

  • Welcome drinks at the Sofitel Hotel Blue Terrace (August 22)
  • Catamaran brunch excursions (August 23, 26, 31)
  • CDLC Beech Club Player’s Party (August 27)
  • City Bus Tours (every day)

All these experiences can be yours, thanks of PokerStars, along with the very best tournament poker experience you could expect, given the high quality that EPT always has to offer.

Prepare for Your EPT Experience

The PokerStars EPT has been the finest poker tour on European soil for many years now. The 2023 stops in Paris and Monte Carlo hosted epic numbers and produced some of the largest prize pools in recent history.

The 2023 EPT Barcelona stop promises to be one of the most visited and best organized to date, making it the best place for a summer poker trip this year.

There is plenty of time to get ready for this year’s EPT Barcelona. So, clear the dates, book your flights, and enjoy playing the top notch tournament poker that only PokerStars knows how to organize.

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