How Is WPT Global Preparing for the Future of Online Poker?

wpt global future of online poker

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Last Updated: March 25, 2024

Ever since he’s taken on the role of the WPT Global President, Alex Scott has tried to establish an aura of openness, transparency, and approachability that we don’t often see from top people running things behind the curtains.

Scott has decided that he didn’t want to be a faceless guy behind the scenes but rather someone that players know and can reach out to via social media.

Taking things up a notch, he recently also did a round of interviews with several media outlets like pokerfuse, talking about WPT Global and what the future holds for the operator.

While companies are reluctant to share exact details of their future business plans, these interviews have provided us with a good idea of where the site is headed and how it plans to tackle the market and establish itself as one of the leading online poker platforms moving forward.

Improved Experience & Increased Player Protection

A thing that WPT Global seems to be focusing on the most is finding ways to ensure players enjoy their experience on the app and keep coming back. This is, of course, the ultimate goal of any operator, but it’s also the hardest one to accomplish as it entails many moving parts.

It seems the operator’s efforts in this area are twofold. On one side, WPT Global has introduced an AI-powered system to reduce predatory behaviors and give recreational players a more pleasant experience.

On the other, WPT Global is combining the power of technology and good old financial incentives to combat cheating.

The operator’s unique ecology management system is designed so that it restricts the maximum number of winning players at the table, ensuring a good reg to rec ratio. It is a complex system that uses many data points, but, according to Scott, it is very accurate in predicting a player’s expected win rate.

When it comes to game integrity, WPT Global uses advanced technologies to detect cheaters, but also has a special program in place that rewards anyone who comes out with relevant information that helps them crack down a cheating operation.

All these things will help put WPT Global in a great position for the future. A highly safe poker site that ensures a great experience for recreational players doesn’t require much additional marketing.

Generous Promotions Second to None

All poker operators have some promotions in place and give back a part of their earnings to the players via various bonuses, races, rakeback opportunities, etc.

However, WPT Global, from its very first day, has shown that they are not afraid to reach deep into its purse and shower players with rewards. Those who were around during the operator’s early days may remember WPT Global’s first major MTT series and how much money it dished out in overlays.

Just recently, the site launched another big promo, giving back all of its tournament rake in March back to players via special freerolls.

These are just a couple of examples, but there is much more WPT Global is doing to reward players. Special Discord tournaments with big bounties on their ambassadors, random bonuses for inactive players, reload bonuses – it all adds up to millions in value.

A great thing about the site’s promotions is that they’re not geared just towards hardcore grinders. Recreational players can enjoy many of these promos and pick up a bunch of free stuff by simply following WPT Global on its social media channels.

One must always stay careful when praising a room for its generosity, as these things can change. However, as it is now, WPT Global is showing the poker world that it’s possible to share the wealth, and if they stay the course, this is guaranteed to help their future growth.

The Go-To Place for WPT Qualifiers

WPT Global is the official online home of the World Poker Tour, allowing players from all over the world to qualify for live WPT events.

While online poker is fun, there’s been a big increase in interest in live action in the last couple of years, and the ability to offer satellites for one of the largest poker tours on the planet is a pretty big deal.

Players on the app can qualify for WPT Championship tournaments as well as WPT Prime events, so there is something for everyone. This will play a major role in WPT Global’s future developments.

The ability to cover both sides of the spectrum so well will help the site stand on an equal footing with some of its biggest competitors.

Focus on the Community

One final thing that WPT Global is doing right to keep the growth going is focusing on the community. There is certainly a feeling that many big sites have let this particular aspect fade away, possibly estranging a fair number of recreational players.

WPT Global and Alex Scott are taking a very community-focused approach with social media activities, friendly and proactive ambassadors, a lively Discord server, and even their president taking time to get involved in some Twitter debates.

This approach helps create a feeling that players are a part of something bigger and not just lone grinders pushing virtual chips around. Other sites have tried to do this to some extent as well, but WPT Global seems to be doing the best job of covering all the different aspects and staying in touch with its player base.

All in all, the future looks bright for WPT Global, with their player traffic constantly growing and more players flocking to the app each day. There will be obstacles along the way, but it seems that the operator is well covered to take these on as they come without missing a beat.

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