Lynne Ji Poker Journey: The Mysterious Poker Beauty

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Last Updated: October 4, 2023

Over the years, we have seen a few mysterious figures in the world of poker, with the likes of Isildur1 even managing to hide their face and true identity for a long time while still being in the spotlight.

Lynne Ji has certainly not been shy about showing her face to the poker community and the rest of the world, as her strong and oftentimes controversial social media presence is difficult not to notice.

Yet, Lynne’s personal life, poker accomplishments, and even the origins of the bankroll with which she plays in some of the biggest games around remain a mystery.

While not much is known about Ji, she is far from a complete mystery, and there are some things we certainly know about her, one of them being that she loves to gamble it up.

If you are curious about who Lynne Ji is, where she comes from, and how she made her way into the world of high-stakes poker, keep reading and find out everything that is known about one of the most intriguing female poker players in recent years.

Lynne Ji’s Poker Highlights

  • A mysterious poker player who keeps her personal life very private
  • Plays in high-stakes cash games on TV and in private
  • Played on High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark
  • Regularly publishes on her Instagram and YouTube channels
  • Origins or the size of her wealth are not known

Lynne Ji’s Early Life

There are few poker players who have made it into the spotlight that we know as little about as Lynne Ji.

There are a few reasons for this, and the biggest one is that she has chosen to keep her private life hidden from the spotlight as much as she could up to this point.

In addition to this, Lynne has only been famous in the poker world for a short time, which means not too many opportunities have presented themselves for interviews or Q&A sessions with Ji.

We know that Lynne Ji is an American poker player of mixed descent and that at least one of her parents is of Asian heritage. Yet, she has never spoken of her family or parents, making it difficult to know more.

Ji’s age is yet another secret she keeps quite well, although most believe her to be in close to 30 years of age. This, however, is a pure guess made on nothing more than appearances.

Lynne resides in the Los Angeles area these days and spends a lot of time in Las Vegas as well, but it is not clear where she grew up or went to school.

Even her presence on the popular social network Instagram dates back just to 2017, which means the mystery of Lynne Ji’s origins remains as strong as ever.

Lynne Ji’s Poker Career

Yet another thing we don’t know about Lynne Ji is when she started to play poker or gamble in general. What is more than obvious, however, is that her passion for poker and gambling is deeply engrained in her.

Not only has Lynne posted about her involvement in high-stakes poker games on her social profiles, but she has also participated in multiple high-stakes games that were televised, winning and losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When it comes to tournament poker, Lynne has not had too much success or participated in many tournaments.

At the 2021 WSOP, she made it to Day 2 of the Main Event and posted a video of her playing against poker champion Daniel Negreanu on her YouTube channel.

Apart from this, Lynne has taken part in some high-profile streamed and televised games over the last few years.

She appeared on both Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker while also playing in streamed poker games with the likes of Doug Polk, Matt Berkey, and others.

Lynne Ji poker

Player images courtesy of PokerGO

Lynne's preferences in poker lie in cash games, as the majority of all the action, she gets into seems to be at the cash tables.

She has professed her love for gambling and fast-paced action in her videos and social posts on many occasions, and her playing style is very much in line with this.

Lynne loves to get into the action, hates folding her cards, and is very much an action-player by any definition of the word.

During her poker appearances on TV, she butted heads with many of the poker world’s most famous players and has impressed the poker public with both her fearless style of play and her gorgeous looks.

However, Lynne is yet to prove herself to be a winner in any form of poker, as the little action we have seen her in has not been impressive in terms of sheer results.

Most recently, Ji has been posting about particularly profitable private cash games with rich businessmen, although no footage from such games has been shown.

If the reports are true, she seems to be doing very well in these games in which thousands of dollars are flying around with any two cards, and big pots are easy to come by.

Lynne Ji’s Net Worth

You may be getting tired of me telling you I don’t have any exact data, but it is simply true. When it comes to Lynne Ji’s net worth, the speculations have been running wild.

While many are saying that her money comes from her rich family, no one really knows who her family is or what exactly that means.

On the other hand, it seems quite clear that Lynne does not work and that she spends much of her time either playing poker, gambling, or getting a tan at the California beaches.

Lynne Ji networth

Without any real numbers to rely on or any tournament scores to gauge by, all we really have are the cash games we have seen her playing in.

Since she regularly plays games in which $20,000 is the minimum buyin, and she has been seen playing in $100,000 games as well, it is safe to assume she has some money in the bank.

From all of this, I am going to assess Lyne Ji’s net worth to be in the $2,000,000 to $10,000,000, although I could be off by a whole zero either way as she could be a daughter of a billionaire or simply be getting staked by a mysterious staker for the cash games.

Lynne Ji on Social Media

Perhaps the one thing that makes Lynne Ji the most recognizable in the poker world is her presence on social media platforms.

Lynne’s Instagram profile @helloitslyne currently has over 12,000 followers and is a mix of photos and videos of her playing poker and those in which she shows off her fit body.

If there was ever a mix that all the guys in the poker world would go for, it is one of a hot poker player who loves high-stakes action, and Lynne seems to be both.

For that exact reason, Ji’s Instagram profile has been growing rather fast in recent months, as her TV appearances have made her quite popular.

Simultaneously with her Instagram presence, Lynne has launched a YouTube channel under the same handle (helloitslynne), which currently has some 13.5k subscribers.

On her YouTube channel, Lynne has posted a number of videos of herself battling with high-stakes poker regs and legends such as Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk, which goes a long way towards confirming her status within the poker community.

Think what you want of her game, but following her social media channels could soon become the norm for poker players around the world as she continues to gather more followers and expand her reach.

Where is Lynne Ji Today?

If you are wondering where Lynne Ji is today, I can tell you that she is right in the thick of things. Her presence in the poker world has never been greater, and it seems like she is just getting started.

Ji is using every opportunity she can get to build her brand and advertise herself as both a poker player and media personality, and she has been having quite success with both.

Lynne regularly posts on her social media channels, appears in any TV poker show she can, and has recently been talking about private cash games that most of the poker world can only dream of.

What becomes of Ji’s poker career remains to be seen, but it would appear that she has a very bright future in an industry where beautiful women with mean poker skills tend to do well for themselves!

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