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The importance of poker stats in your game!

Take few minutes to read and implement these tips and you will never be looking back. Let’s start off by mentioning that we all have a very powerful tool in our arsenal. We can use it to improve our game or exploit our opponents! What is it? You guessed it – it is poker stats in our database. We can use it to find our leaks and fix all poker mistakes that we have. Today I want to concentrate exactly on that.

To be honest, probably, it is easier than you think and by using the right tools, you can achieve unbelievable results. In order to fix poker leaks and mistakes, we must firstly identify it. Therefore, I will show you how to do that.

Identifying leaks in your game!

Even if you have many options, such as reading poker articles, watching random videos and hanging out in forums, it will not help you much to identifying your poker mistakes. There is no better way than analysing your database and finding your poker mistakes or getting professional poker database analysis.

Yes, you can do it yourself and you can have great results if you choose the right stats to analyse. If you have no idea what to do – start by looking at the best players in your games. Filter out their stats, compare it to yours in different spots and you will have a good understanding how these players play. Quite likely, it will reveal your potential mistakes.

I am sure you have a good understand who are the winners in your games, so finding them is easy. Make sure to filter out players with a reasonable amount of poker stats (or hands) to get results that are more precise and let’s get to work.

Using the right poker stats!

You may ask which stats are most relevant? What are the most important parts to analyse? Well, there are many important poker stats, but let’s try to cover the basics which you really do not want to miss.

Of course, we should start with preflop stats. Jumping straight to postflop would not make mush sense. As long as you are making mistakes preflop, you have no chance of playing very good on later streets, so let’s cover it firstly.

Just before jumping into it, I want to mention free poker app that you can use to play around with your ranges – Equilab. Using it, you can easily visualize how that % of your poker statistics looks in reality. You can see that your 3bet range of 8% could include different variations of hands, depending on your opponent.

3bet range 8%

So be sure to play around in order to get a good understanding of different spots and we can proceed further.

Preflop poker stats to look at!

RFI – Raise first in

VPIP and PFR – many players are overestimating the value of these stats. To be honest, it does not say you much. Instead, I would much rather suggest going over RFI – Raise first in from different positions.

This way you can see how many hands you or your opponent is playing from each of the positions. By analyzing these poker stats you can find out are you playing too many or too few hands from early or late positions and adjust it accordingly.


Take a look are you 3betting aggressively and again check this out by position. (I hate general poker stats, so always using more precise ones, like “BB 3bet vs BTN open” and others divided by position).

If you have no idea what is good or what is bad you can compare your stats with winning regulars or simply get my “Preflop Master – Unexploitable Strategy” course. I will explain all the stats and ranges – what hands to 3-bet, how to defend facing 3-bets, how to change that vs different players, how to defend blinds versus different open sizing and much more. Take a look inside and find out for yourself.

Folding to 3bet

You really want to see your statistics in this area because it is one of the most common mistakes. Many players are folding too much to 3-bets making them very vulnerable to any aggression.

You will not win much by folding, so learn how to play postflop and start defending more. Folding more than 60% to 3bets is a huge mistake and if you find yourself in this spot, you should reduce the number of your opening hands or simply call more, especially when you have a position on your opponents.

Defending from the blinds

There are quite few poker stats covering this area, mostly how much you call or 3bet from the BB. You want to look at BB call vs SB open, BB 3bet vs SB open, BB call vs BTN open and so on, you get the drill.

However, this is just one part. You need to figure out you SB statistics as well and make sure you are not leaving money on the table.

Blinds play is something many players struggles with as well. It is surely one of the most important areas because you are forced to play every hand when you are in the blinds. You cannot fold without investing anything like from other positions so finding you mistakes, if you have any, in this specific area will save you a lot of money.

There are much more preflop stats that you want to cover, such as Squeezing, Isolating vs limpers and much more. However, these are the most important ones and before moving to postflop, be sure to fix your mistakes in this area.

Postflop poker stats to cover!

Same kind of analysis could be made for postflop stats. Of course, it is far more complicated, but you surely want to study it.

Aggression % by street

Many players are struggling to keep up the aggression. Even if they play preflop and flop quite well, unfortunately, tend to be more passive on later streets. This is quite bad and you want to have at least 30% aggression on every street, not just on the flop because of high c-bet stat.

If you are far from that, quite likely you are missing some value and should be betting and raising more instead of just calling or checking back.


This is a huge topic on its own. You do not want to be c-betting too much and then folding almost always when you check. This is a bad strategy, which is used very widely. You want to check some strong hands in order to bluff catch on later streets and you want to balance your ranges having the right amount of bluffs and value hands when you bet.

Filter out these spots to see what hands you are betting and what hands you are checking back. Check your poker stats in this specific area and you will quite likely find some spots for improvement. If you want more info about this topic, here you can learn more about c-betting and barreling strategy.

Folding to C-bet

Like all of the above, this should be checked by street. Are you not over folding to flop c-bet and letting your opponent bet any two cards profitably? Maybe you call on the flop but fold too much on later streets making too many hero folds?

This could lead to many problems and most likely, you end up giving too much credit to your opponents if that is the case. You need to realize that you do not need to be right all the time when calling. For example, if your opponent bets ½ pot on the river you only need to win 1 out of 4 times to be breaking even. Therefore, if you think you are winning more than 25% of the time this is an easy call.

Do not be fooled by people shouting out that players do not bluff so much, or that they do not bluff on lower stakes. They do! Of course, you have to pick your spots and put the opponent on a range, but as long as you doing that, trust your poker stats and you will be good!

River call efficiency

This can give you a lot of information on how effectively you are calling on the river. If the value is lower than 1, you surely have a problem and call too many weak hands on the river. However, it is very high (more than 2); you are likely missing some calls on the river and folding too much. That could be a big problem as well.

To find some of your potential mistakes, I highly recommend filtering out this spot in your tracking software. Make sure to go over the spots where you call on the river holding weak hands and see if you could find some folds there. To take it even further, filter out hands where you fold to river bet and see if you could call in few more spots as well.

Analysing your statistics is always a moving target and you need to put a lot of work to stay ahead of your competition. There are much more poker stats that you need to take into consideration while analysing postflop game. To name a few – WTSD%, W$WSF, W$SD%, x/folding stats and many more.

Therefore, if you want to analyse your game like a professional player, get all the tools like custom HUD, my personal filters, charts, explanation of the stats and step-by-step guide how to implement it all – be sure to check my course “Finding poker mistakes”. It will change the way how you learn and play poker. Finding your poker mistakes and fixing leaks will skyrocket your win rate and this is something that we all want.

Fixing your poker mistakes!

Remember, you can use all this information to take advantage of your opponents as well. I have an extremely powerful advanced poker hud, which has way more than these basic stats and could easily help you take your game to the next level. Take a look inside and get my HUD or build your own using these poker stats!

Moreover, if you want to learn how to improve your game I really recommend joining FREE course “How to win at poker” where I explain everything you need to know.

Take all these tips, implement it in your game and you will be moving only closer to your poker goals!

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