What Is Any Two Cards In Poker?

What Is Any Two Cards In Poker

In poker, the term “any two cards” refers to the situation in which a player is playing a hand no matter what he gets.

This can also be used to describe poker range in a situation where the player can have any cards in the deck. In some cases, it is mathematically correct to play any two cards if you are getting the right odds. For example, if your opponent moves all in, only having two BB in his stack, and you are sitting in the Big Blind position, you are correct to call with any two cards.

Also, if you are playing against a whale who is playing super aggressively and is raising all the time, you can refer to him as playing any two cards.

This indicates that a particular player is not concerned about the strength of his hand and simply wants to gamble by creating a lot of action.

Poker Any Two Cards Example

Let’s say you are playing a Texas Holdem cash game with an aggressive player who raises from the button without even looking at his hand. In this situation, he can have any two cards in his range since he raised before seeing what he has.



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