What Is a Rabbit Hunt In Poker?

What Is a Rabbit Hunt In Poker

In poker, “Rabbit Hunt” refers to revealing the remaining community cards after a hand is completed and the winner of the hand is already known.

The Rabbit Hunt takes place when all players have folded, and the remaining player or players want to see what cards would have been dealt if the hand had continued.

Rabbit Hunting is not allowed in most poker games since it can slow down the action. However, some games allow Rabbit Hunting as a way to add excitement and entertainment to the game.

With this said, if you are playing in games where Rabbit Hunting is allowed, you should use this option to gain additional information about the hand. You can usually see the reaction from other players, and they often reveal what poker hands they had, so you know how they decided to play them.

However, be sure that you don’t have to pay to Rabbit Hunt. If that is the case, then you are better off without it.

Poker Rabbit Hunting Example:

rabbit hunting poker

You are playing a 3-handed game where the BTN folds, and you raise with Kc5s from the SB. BB calls, and the flop comes 9c6c4c giving you a flush draw, so you decide to bet. BB calls, and the turn comes Th.

You bet again, but the Big Blind moves all in, so you must fold your hand. Still, you wonder if you would have hit your flush and go rabbit hunting to see what the river would be. This is an easy option if you are playing poker online on GGPoker since you can always see what cards would have followed when you fold simply by clicking on a card with the rabbit image.



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