Santosh Suvarna Wins the Biggest HSP Pot Ever

Santosh Suvarna

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Last Updated: April 24, 2024

High Stakes Poker Season 12 has been one of the best and most action-packed in the show’s history, with PokerGO deciding to go for some insanely high-stakes games this time around.

The show made a short hiatus to accommodate for the US Poker Open streams which we had a chance to see last week, before returning with another action game last night.

The game started with five players at the table, each buying in for $500,000. Those included Santosh Suvarna, Nik Airball, Andrew Robl, Stanley Tang, and Brandon Adams, with Charles Yu joining the game a bit later.

The stakes were set at $1,000/2,000, which meant everyone’s $500k stack could potentially be at risk in any single hand.

Multiple huge pots were played throughout the night, but the biggest one was played between Santosh Suvarna and Andrew Robl, with just under million dollars going into the pot.

There was plenty of action leading up to that hand, however, as everyone at the table got involved in some interesting spots, and hundreds of thousands of dollars changed hands every few minutes.

Robl Wins a Big One from Suvarna

Andrew Robl and Santosh Suvarna clashed relatively early in this week’s episode of High Stakes Poker, as the Indian casino owner picked up a couple of black Aces and bumped it up to $6,000, a very standard raise in a game this size.

Holding Qd5d, Robl was going nowhere, as the two were deep enough to get into some very interesting spots postflop with a suited hand like this.

Robl’s insanely good run on HSP continued in this hand, as the dealer put out a flop of Qc5c2h, giving Robl top two pair and putting him well ahead of Suvarna’s AsAc.

Source: PokerGO

Santosh continuation bet on a flop that seemed as dry as they get, and Robl responded with a raise to $30,000, which was promptly called by one of the most active players in HSP history.

The turn was completely clean for Robl, as the 7s changed nothing and made it nearly impossible for his two pair to be beat. Suvarna checked, Robl made it $70k to go, and Suvarna quickly called.

The river was the Jd, a card that makes some possible combinations of hands that can beat Robl, but not too many.

Once again, Andrew was undeterred, and he put out a bet of $150k, which Santosh called in a matter of seconds, only to get the bad news.

Of course, there is no blaming Suvarna for calling down with the pocket rockets, as they definitely stood to be good against Robl, who is known to be one of the most aggressive players in any game.

Santosh Gets His Revenge

Seeing Andrew Robl play a hug pot on High Stakes Poker is something we are all very used to. Seeing him lose one is quite a bit less common.

In this week’s episode, however, someone finally got the better of the legendary high stakes grinder, as he ran into one of the worst beats we have seen on the show.

Indeed, a beat that bad resulted in an equally big pot, as the two broke the record for the biggest unchopped pot in the show’s history.

Action started with Robl opening his 5c4c to $16k from the small blind, with Suvarna sitting in the $4k straddle. Looking down at AcKh, he quickly 3-bet to $54k, which was promptly called by Robl.

Things started the way we are used to seeing, with Robl flopping trips on a flop of 4s4d2s, one that certainly didn’t bring too much for Suvarna to be worried about.

Robl checked his virtual nuts, and Suvarna fired a c-bet for $45k. Disguising the strength of his hand, Andrew just called and we went to the turn.

Source: PokerGO

Before the turn could be dealt, Nick Schulman, who was in the commentary booth, made a comment about Suvarna needing perfect/perfect, meaning two identical cards on the turn and river to win this hand.

Indeed, the turn brought the Kd, which gave some hope to Suvarna, who decided to check his option on the turn and see a free river card.

The river was an incredible Ks, giving Santosh a superior full house and finally putting Robl’s dominant streak on HSP at risk.

To make matters worse, Robl decided to go for the overbet and try to get paid the maximum from hands like JJ or QQ, which were realistically in Suvarna’s range.

Holding the nuts, Santosh went all-in for just $95k more, and Andrew decided to call getting a price of just about 9/1.

The two tabled their hands and Suvarna realized he had gotten extremely lucky to win the biggest pot in High Stakes Poker history.

Charles Scoops a Big One to End the Night

A late comer to Episode 9 of Season 12, Charles Yu joined the table with $400,000 and quickly put his chips to good use.

In the last hand of the episode, the Hustler Casino Live regular picked up KsKd and managed to get all the money in against Stanley Tang’s QhQd.

The two decided to run it twice, but Stanley’s night continued the way it was going up to that point, with both boards running completely clean and allowing Yu to scoop up the pot.

Source: PokerGO

At $631,000, this was the second biggest pot of the night and one of the biggest pots we have seen this season on HSP, although there were quite a few in this range.

With stakes still as high as this next week, and the action getting heated, we are in for a real treat as the same group of players comes back and promises even more million dollar pots and huge swings in every direction.

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