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Learn How to Double and Triple Barrel Like a Poker Pro


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The few seconds after a successful triple barrel bluff is about the closest poker players get to a legitimate mic drop moment.

Not only have you just scooped a pot with (what you assumed to be the worst hand), the dead money from the flop and turn means that you probably needed two hands and a shovel to do so.

Winning tournaments is fun and all, but there’s just something so satisfyingly thrilling about bluffing. Like dragon-slaying or drinking coke after a tube of Mentos, it's is all about bravery.

You show everyone what you're capable of achieving. Opponents quake, and you salivate as their knees tremble. Weaker players begin to fear you, smart players find easier targets, and you start to face far less resistance as a consequence. Poker becomes easier.

Firing off on all four cylinders is certainly exciting, but it can be a risky business, too. To find out more about double and triple barreling and when (not) to do it, be sure to visit the 888poker Magazine to read the full article.

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