Live Casino: The Pros and Cons of Playing With a Live Dealer

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Last Updated: February 18, 2023

Live casinos are undeniably becoming more and more popular nowadays. There are many reasons that we can connect with their overall popularity.

However, it is also no wonder that they have become a significant turning point for this industry. After all, the gambling sector of live casinos combines the best of both worlds.

You are getting a maximized experience full of luxury and communication found at land-based casinos, as well as accessibility and ease of use of online venues.

Overall, real-time venues are the next step when it comes to the development of the gambling industry.

That is why today we will be enumerating the advantages and disadvantages of live dealers and concluding whether they are your cup of tea.

Advantages of Live Casinos

Let's start by looking at the bright side. The advantages of real-time venues are numerous, yet most are usually connected with the overall accessibility and it doesn't really matter whether you play in Denmark, England or any other country.

However, some countries, like the aforementioned Denmark actually prefer live casinos, or  live casinoer, as they are called in the country, over pre-programmed games and they are famous all around the world. After all, you can enjoy your favorite casino games no matter where you are and do so with real people. Well, let's see whether we can find more advantages.

Live Dealers and Optimal Experience

One of the first arguments many raise when saying they don't like online casinos is the overall experience. Many claimed that there is nothing quite like the real deal.

From a particular perspective, we cannot help but agree with them. You are getting many benefits through playing at land-based casinos. Besides, online versions offer you an altered experience.

live casino advantages

However, this is precisely where live venues come into play. By enjoying the benefits of a real dealer and the game in front of you, players can observe the setting professionally and recognizably.

This is the best way to provide an authentic atmosphere that differs significantly from what can be found online.

You are no longer a mere observer. You finally have real people to play with and a sense of community. So, as explained in our introduction, live casinos offer the best of both worlds.

Revolutionary Systems and Advancements

State-of-the-art mechanics introduced incredible ideas to the world through different inspired advancements in various industries.

Europe and Belgium in particular are widely known for revolutionary games and technologies, while the United States remain more old-fashioned.

In fact, casinos in Belgium are arguably one of the most advanced ones you will encounter. All users have excellent experience with the best online casino België as it utilizes new mechanics to improve the quality of games.

Through live streaming capabilities, Belgian players can observe games fully, safely, and privately.

Moreover, optical character recognition software allows these systems to maximize efficiency when players use them.

Some Belgian live casino cameras even have this software installed. It takes pictures of documents and turns them into readable text that players and operators can access.


Suppose you want to enjoy the casino experience but don't want to leave your house, considering the pandemic and quarantine regulations. The best option for you is a live casino online.

Nowadays, you don't have to go anywhere to have the ability to play. Traveling to a physical casino is not a necessity but a luxury and a choice you can either make or ignore.

That is why most modern casinos provide live versions of games, allowing players to maximize their experience whether they are somewhere in Australia, Europe, or anywhere else in the world.

Nevertheless, you still have to consider having a stable Internet connection and a particular device to enjoy the experience.

We recommend using a smartphone or a tablet. Nevertheless, with the development of the live casino industry, you don't even need a Wi-Fi router. Using cellular data will do the trick just fine.


One of the most significant advantages of all online casinos has always been accessing online bonuses and promotions. You're not instantly offered free spins or a deposit bonus when you enter an actual venue.

We appreciate that live casinos can combine the best benefits of land-based and virtual venues. You get everything from a deposit match, free spins and holiday promotions to loyalty programs, VIP rooms, and other irresistible offers.

Security Measures

Criminals in the online world constantly develop new ways to steal financial and personal data. To protect live gambling games from theft, many online venues use encryption to safeguard their data.

Customers of online casinos should ensure that their devices are secure and updated before playing any live games.

Following these tips makes gamblers feel confident playing in a live casino. These tips help them avoid the risks of unauthorized access to their devices.

Disadvantages of Real-Time Websites

Live dealers are not perfect, just like anything in this world. That is why we also have several disadvantages to name. They will be crucial when deciding whether you want to enjoy all the benefits of live venues.

live casino cons

The biggest disadvantages are poor Internet service, possible errors, and simple human error. But let's add more details to our discussion.

Limited Game Selection

Game selection is arguably one of the essential elements when playing online. However, if you choose to enjoy live venues, you are risking losing your ability to choose different games.

Most live dealers primarily focus on blackjack, poker, and baccarat. Only a handful of game providers try to work on other games that include craps and less traditional variations of the table.

Nevertheless, the game selection is somewhat limited to the titles we have already named.

Technical Issues

Technical difficulties can occur when playing games online since many apps are still in development.

Players can experience problems with their computers, mobile devices, internet connection, or even online dealers while streaming games.

Players lose interest in a game when they have faulty Internet connections or other related issues that cause adverse effects.

When this happens, players are often forced to quit the game. Besides, to play live-dealer gambling games, you need a strong and consistent internet connection.

Playing via Wi-Fi or mobile devices on a Wi-Fi network can be difficult because of inconsistent strength.

By playing in physical venues with an adequate internet connection, players can enjoy their time for what it's worth.

Slow Tables

Other players can slow down live gambling games, leading to players becoming frustrated and ceasing to play in the future. Additionally, poor internet connection can make playing live gambling games a frustrating experience.

In other words, if you're unwilling to wait and slow down your game, you might be stuck for a while.

Not everyone plays in the same manner, and if you have ever tried physical venues, you should know a thing or two about that.

You can also stumble upon a table with a budget smaller or bigger than yours. This will mean that someone will undeniably end up with a disadvantage over other players.

Bottom Line

Overall, live casinos have both advantages and disadvantages. First and foremost, you can play anywhere you want if you have a stable Internet connection and a device that will allow you to maximize your experience.

Besides, you still connect with more people and enjoy the overall sense of community. Your identity and personal information will also be protected throughout.

However, you still might be vulnerable to experiencing issues with limited game selection, technical problems, and unbalanced games. Therefore, it is entirely up to you whether you want to enjoy all the benefits of real-time venues or not.

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