Alexandra Botez Joins GGPoker as Brand Ambassador

Alexandra Botez GGPoker

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Last Updated: March 27, 2024

Over the last few years, GGPoker has set itself apart from other online poker brands and become the biggest powerhouse in the industry, in part by attracting some of the finest talent around and having them join up as brand ambassadors.

Most recently, GGPoker revealed Alexandra Botez as the newest brand ambassador, as she joins a team made up of top pros like Daniel Negreanu and Fedor Holz, and poker personalities like Ali Nejad and Kevin Martin.

The chess streamed extraordinaire joins the GGPoker team as its least experienced member, but her massive reach in the mainstream audience and her willingness to learn the game make her the perfect brand ambassador for the brand that’s looking to grow the game beyond its current limitations.

Botez was welcomed to GGPoker by none other than Daniel Negreanu, who has been the main face of GGPoker for a long time and whose reputation in the poker world makes him the ideal person to make the introductions.

The two sat down, played a friendly heads-up match, and had an interesting back-and-forth chat that you can check out in the video below.


Who Is Alexandra Botez?

If you are a poker fan, Alexandra Botez is a name you might have heard before, but also one that you may have missed, as she is quite a new name in the industry.

One of the Botez sisters, Alexandra Botez, is a chess player and internet sensation whose YouTube channel, BotezLive, currently has almost 1.5 million subscribers, all of whom enjoy her and her sister Andrea’s entertaining content.

The Botez sisters are mostly about chess, but the two have posted a lot of fun content across various niches and have become incredibly popular for their great sense of humor and sibling rivalry that makes many of their videos so fun to watch.

More recently, Alexandra was introduced to poker, and she fell in love with the game at first sight, putting chess on somewhat of a backburner for the sake of poker.

Botez has been all over poker, playing in different formats and making TV appearances in shows like the PokerStars Mystery Cash Challenge and various live streamed games.

Botez previously represented both PokerStars and 888poker in a limited capacity but eventually decided to go with GGPoker for a full-time sponsorship, which could bring a lot of upside for her personally.

As far as the poker world goes, having someone like Alexandra Botez actively promote the game of poker across her social media channels can only do good for the industry as a whole and bring new players into the game in the years to come.

Botez Takes On Negreanu in Heads-Up Poker

For her first task as GGPoker ambassador, Alexandra Botez was tasked with playing Daniel Negreanu in a short heads up match that was posted on the operator’s YouTube channel.

The two played a sit and go style heads up match, where both started with a fixed number of chips and played until one of them had it all.

This was a friendly game, so the blinds went up when the two agreed, and there was a lot of talking going on in-between and even during the hands.

Daniel and Botez touched on their common heritage, as both come from a Romanian-Canadian background, and both share the Canadian citizenship.

They then proceeded to interview each other, discussing their favorite game formats, game integrity, the position of women in poker, and much more.

Both players spoke about their preference for tournament over cash game or heads up poker, which Negreanu never hid during his illustrious career.

Alexandra showed a lot of enthusiasm talking about poker as a whole, and the two agreed that women have many advantages that they can make use of in the game once they embrace all aspects of it.

Eventually, it was Negreanu who came out on top in the heads up duel, despite Botez surviving several all-ins as the short stack.

Daniel demonstrated his experience and managed to chip Alexandra down in a few key spots, but also had the best of the cards during a short match that lasted no more than an hour.

What to Expect from Alexandra Botez?

Alexandra Botez is a newcomer to Texas Hold’em Poker and card games as a whole, but has demonstrated her willingness and study and a great talent for absorbing new information.

Just a short time into her poker career, Botez already seems to be fluent in poker lingo, and her playing skills are not that shabby either, as she demonstrated during her performances in various WSOP and Triton Poker Series events.


This comes as no surprise, as she has had help from Landon Tice and Chance Kornuth, two of the world’s best poker players and coaches.

With Tice teaching Botez all about GTO poker and Kornuth there to show her how to exploit players, she could very well turn into one of the best female poker players around in no-time.

However, knowing Alex, it is likely she will be aiming for more than that and looking to make a name for herself as one of the best players overall, regardless of gender.

The good news for fans of poker is that now Botez has joined up with GGPoker, it is likely we will see even more poker-related content coming across her channels.

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