Blackjack Dealer Salary Revealed: Dream Job or Nightmare?

blackjack dealer salary

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Last Updated: July 15, 2022

If you enjoy gambling, being a blackjack dealer may seem like one of the greatest jobs in the world. You get to play your favorite casino games only from the other side of the table!

The gambling industry is getting competitive, and casinos everywhere are looking for qualified dealers to fill the jobs.

Working as a blackjack dealer in a casino is an excellent way of earning money and honing the skills in the gambling industry.

But, have you ever wondered how much do blackjack dealers make or what is the average blackjack dealer salary?

Perhaps at some point in your life, you might have contemplated working as a blackjack dealer but don’t know whether it is a stable career or you can make a decent livelihood.

If so, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will discuss how much does a blackjack dealer make and the different perks associated with this job.

Also, we will examine various factors that affect the blackjack dealer salary and share tips on becoming the best blackjack dealer in the industry.

How Much Do Blackjack Dealers Make?

People who are eager to start a career as a blackjack dealer are always curious to learn about the blackjack dealer salary.

It is a big question on everyone’s mind when they think about any job.

The answer to this question varies significantly depending on the experience, the casino where you work, and the country where you reside.

In most cases, an entry-level blackjack dealer can start working at an hourly rate of $7 or $8.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual salary of a newbie blackjack dealer is $14,700.

The pay is slightly better in the United Kingdom for the entry-level dealers who can start with £17,000, and the salary rises to £20,000 after a couple of years.

how much do blackjack dealers make

Interestingly, this isn’t where the real money comes while working as a blackjack dealer.

The real money is made in the form of tips, at least in the USA, which increases the overall salary significantly.

A blackjack dealer salary, including tips, is between $30,000 and $60,000 annually. Some dealers may earn more than that, pulling in as much as $100,000 or more in a year.

According to various salary aggregator websites, the blackjack dealer salary in the United States ranges between $37,961 and $56,618.

As of June 2022, the annual base salary of a blackjack dealer is listed below:










Keep in mind these salary aggregator websites rely on data submitted by anonymous users.

The salary increase is tied with the experience level of the blackjack dealer. The more years you have worked as a dealer, the higher your salary is.

According to the National Compensation Survey and Bureau of Labor Statistics, here is how experience can have an impact on the annual salary of the blackjack dealers:

Experience Level

Blackjack Dealer Salary

Less than 1 year


1 to 4 years


5 to 9 years


10-19 years


20+ years


Overview of Blackjack Dealer Salary in US States

How much does a dealer make also depends on the country where you work, and typically large metropolitan areas correlate to a higher salary.

According to Occupational Employment Statistics Report from May 2021, there are 64,700 people employed as casino dealers in the United States.

As per Pokerlisting, the average hourly wage of the blackjack dealers in US states is listed below:



New York


South Dakota








North Dakota
















New Mexico
















South Carolina






New Hampshire










While the above stats don’t show the high wages blackjack dealers might expect, the gambling industry continues to change.

The payable hourly wage also depends on the experience of the dealer. You might come across a story or post online where a dealer in California or a Las Vegas casino made $12,000 in the previous month.

It is important to note that blackjack dealers with such high incomes are positioned in big tournaments and high-stake casino games in high-end venues.

Such blackjack dealers have a good number of years of experience and have crafted their profession brilliantly.

Blackjack Dealer Salary Across Different Countries

Now, moving away from the United States, here’s a brief overview of how much does a dealer make annually across some of the major countries around the world:

  • Argentina: $ 498,261 (ARS)
  • Australia: $44,866 (AUD)
  • Belgium: €26.807 (EUR)
  • Canada: $35,323 (CAD)
  • China: ¥65,461 (CNY)
  • Denmark: 244,422 kr (DKK)
  • Estonia: €9,105 (EUR)
  • Finland: €26.456 (EUR)
  • France: €20.840 (EUR)
  • Germany: €27.257 (EUR)
  • Hong Kong: HK$189,327 (HKD)
  • India: ₹2,23,391 (INR)
  • Ireland: €26,148 (EUR)
  • Israel: ₪ 63,598 (ILS)
  • Italy: €18,524 (EUR)
  • Japan: ¥2,727,026 (JPY)
  • Malaysia: RM36,625 (MYR)
  • Malta: €12,903 (EUR)
  • Netherlands: € 25,517 (EUR)
  • New Zealand: $41,599 (NZD)
  • Norway: kr 270 172 (NOK)
  • Philippines: ₱179,341 (PHP)
  • Russia: 371,827 ₽ (RUB)
  • Singapore: $31,030 (SGD)
  • Spain: €16,655(EUR)
  • Sweden: 254,835 kr (SEK)
  • Switzerland: CHF 39'321 (CHF)
  • Thailand: ฿227,054 (THB)
  • Turkey: 51,011 ₺ (TRY)
  • Ukraine: 106,165 ₴ (UAH)
  • UAE: 80,448 د.إ.‏ (AED)
  • Vietnam: 60.678.851 ₫ (VND)

Based on the above data, you now have complete information about how much do blackjack dealers make annually across different countries worldwide.

Working Hours and Conditions of Blackjack Dealer

If you enjoy flexible timing and don't like a standard routine, the job as a blackjack dealer can be a great career option.

As most casino establishments are open 24/7, the dealers are required around the clock, day or night.

The blackjack dealers are required to work for 8-hour shift daily. There is a 10-minute break after one hour, and the same pattern continues until the shift ends.

The morning shift runs from 11 am to 7 pm. The evening shift is from 7 pm till 3 am and the night shift is from 10 pm till 6 in the morning.

average blackjack dealer salary

One of the downsides of working as a blackjack dealer is that you will have to work during public holidays, although you are entitled to 20 paid leaves in a year.

The working conditions for the blackjack dealer are excellent. Most casinos offer a clean environment and don't permit smoking.

Some large casinos also offer free employee dining rooms for the blackjack dealers. In addition, you will be entitled to health insurance, a retirement program, and flexible time off.

Five Factors Affecting Salary of Blackjack Dealers

You must have unique personal and interpersonal skills to succeed in this profession and earn a high salary.

It might be possible that one blackjack dealer earns $30,000 annually while someone else makes $45,000 a year, even though both are entry-level dealers.

Numerous factors affect how much does a blackjack dealer make in a year which is explained under the following headings below:

Communication Skills

Communicating properly with the players and colleagues is crucial to succeeding at any casino.

You might experience difficulties dealing with players who don't know the game or those who are inebriated.

Since you represent the casino, you must speak politely and calmly to everyone you meet.

Support Abilities

As a blackjack dealer, you must offer impeccable service to the players who are having a negative experience while playing.

It's natural for anyone to look unhappy while losing money. This issue can become heated when the player is drunk or blames you for the loss.

You must address the situation with composure and bring things under your control.

Analytical Thinking

You must have an inquisitive mind and be able to calculate numbers faster in your brain to determine the winner and reward the payout.

Also, it is part of your job to identify foul play, trickery, or cheating during the gameplay.

Fun Personality

To succeed as a blackjack dealer, you must be entertaining and personable. Since tips make up the bulk of the blackjack dealer salary, you can only flourish in this profession if you are a people person.

Even if a player loses, you must feel motivated and entertained.

Physical Stamina

Blackjack dealing is a profession that is entirely done on the feet, so you must have the stamina to stand for long intervals of time.

You must be physically fit as you will be standing, leaning over the table, straining for the chips, and exposed to secondhand smoke. Also, you have to be vigilant to avoid cheating or foul play.

Three Ways to Increase Blackjack Dealer Salary

Now that you have a brief idea about how much does a blackjack dealer make, let’s now look at different ways to boost the salary:

blackjack dealer earnings

1. Strengthening Your Skills

If you constantly pursue and improve the in-demand skills, it could make you more competitive for higher salaries or promotions. The skills include:

  • Card Games: Deal in different variants of Blackjack games
  • Chip handling: Manage chips and handle money transactions at the table
  • Customer Service: Provide excellent support so that players keep coming back
  • Game Protection: Watch out for players who indulge in cheating and other illegal activities

2. Growing Your Network

Being a blackjack dealer, your network is the most prized asset. Therefore, try to build contact with as many influential people as possible inside and outside the casino.

The more people you get to know, the likelier it is you will hear about job openings of a blackjack dealer, and you can negotiate for a higher salary.

3. Good Performance Review

A large part of the blackjack dealer salary is from the tips provided by the players. But this doesn’t mean you cannot negotiate for a raise in pay from your employer.

If you receive a good performance review, it offers leverage for a salary hike after a certain point in time.

And, if you don’t get a hike, you can at least use the good performance review to negotiate higher tips from the players.

Perks and Drawbacks of Working as a Blackjack Dealer

Every job has its shares of positives and negatives, and the same holds for the blackjack dealer.

Mentioned below are some advantages and disadvantages of working as a blackjack dealer at any casino.


By now, you might have already figured out the benefits of working as a blackjack dealer. Still, we will sum up the advantages for you anyway.

  • Start your career with practically nothing and move to a higher hierarchy within the casino if you are dedicated and work hard.
  • Get handsome tips from your customers, which can significantly impact the overall blackjack dealer salary.
  • The working hours are flexible, and you will probably be working in shifts, making the job ideal for people who don't want to get up early or stay up all night.
  • You will be working in a fun and entertaining place that highlights the positive things in life, even if you aren't winning the jackpot money.
  • Nowadays, casinos are available on cruise ships, so you can travel and see the world without spending any money and actually making money along the way.
  • You don't need a fancy degree to become a blackjack dealer, as a high school diploma is enough to start working in this field.
  • You start making money at a young age and don't have to depend on your parents for that extra money.
  • The risks of suffering a severe accident at work are minimal.


As much fun as it sounds, this job has its share of disadvantages that we will not ignore.

So, before you decide on this career option, please look at some of the demerits of being a blackjack dealer.

  • You will have to start working on a meager salary, and the overall growth compared to other jobs is not significantly high.
  • The overall job security is relatively poor, and the majority of blackjack dealers quit jobs after a few years of service.
  • There is a poor work-life balance as you might have to work erratic shifts, including weekends and holidays.
  • In some countries like the UK, you must have a valid license from UK Gambling Commission that includes clearance from Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).
  • There is no room for distraction, and you must remain alert to check for any foul play or cheating.
  • Unhappy players often get aggressive at casinos, and you might have a tough time handling such people.
  • Working remotely is not an option, and it isn't easy to see tangible results being a blackjack dealer.
  • Finally, bathing in the casino world's opulence might make you the victim of problem gambling.

Duties and Responsibilities of Blackjack Dealer

blackjack dealer salary with tips

  • Overseeing gaming functions for a particular table
  • Adhere to company policies and state regulations for smooth casino operations
  • Receive and manage casino chips
  • Greeting the players and distributing cash chips
  • Reminding players about the rules and regulations of the game
  • Understanding game procedure and prepare table with required wagers
  • Ensuring every bet is within the minimum and maximum table limits
  • Shuffle cards using hand or through an automatic shuffle machine
  • Keeping a record of the bet amount and identifying winners and losers
  • Determining the winners and distributing the winning chips
  • Creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere with a lively gaming experience
  • Communicating with the floor manager regarding any customer request
  • Staying vigilant, preventing foul play, and reporting irresponsible behavior

Blackjack Dealer Salary versus Other Casino Jobs Salary

Now that you have a fair understanding of how much do blackjack dealers make and their job responsibilities, it's time to compare the blackjack dealer salary with other casino job salaries in the gambling industry.

Casino Floor Runner – $24,705 a Year

They take care of the casino operations by performing numerous tasks like auditing, displaying merchandise, ensuring player privacy, and cash handling.

Casino Host – $27,712 a Year

They are mainly responsible for brand management and player outreach. Also, they take care of the VIP or loyalty programs of the high roller players.

Security Personnel – $28,000 a Year

The work of a security manager is unlike casino bouncers, who have to ensure no unauthorized activities occur at the casino.

Food and Beverage Server – $40,405 a Year

Every casino offers food and beverage service for its customers, and the server's main job is to provide sufficient drinks, so the player doesn't have to pause their gambling.

Slot Technician – $42,854 a Year

Their primary duties include maintenance, installation, and configuring slot machines. Also, they have to provide preventive maintenance and fix electrical circuitry across all slot devices.

Auditors – $46,783 a Year

The auditors have a plethora of tasks, and mainly, it revolves around accounting and finance management. But, first, they must keep track of the money coming in and out of the casino.

Pit Boss – $58,783 a Year

This is a commonly used word for Floor Manager, and they are one of the highest-ranking staff members on a casino floor. They are accountable for everything that happens in a casino.

Surveillance Operators – $58,689 a Year

They are stationed throughout the casino, keeping an eye on all players and regularly monitoring the casino floor for any questionable behavior like card counting.

Shift Manager – $73,477 a Year

Shift managers are responsible for overall operations on the casino floor, look after all systems and interact with different players to understand their requirements.

Director of Operations – $94,151 a Year

It is one of the most prestigious positions in the gambling industry, and they have to manage the events within the casino, meet prospective customers for partnership prospects, etc.

Final Thoughts

If you are one of those people who want to start earning at a young age, enjoy casino games, and love chatting with people, a blackjack dealer might be a viable option.

As far as the question of how much do blackjack dealers make, you will start with a minimum of $15,000 annually and another $10,000 in overall tips.

Being a blackjack dealer is not all rainbows and sunshine, though.

While we have presented both sides in this detailed article about blackjack dealer salary, our intentions are not to scare anyone from becoming a dealer.

Becoming a blackjack dealer is a personal choice – for some people, it's a dream job, while for others, it's a source of extra income.

If you're dreaming of becoming a blackjack dealer and working in the gambling industry, you can start preparing for it today.

We recommend joining a training school or finding a casino that offers you the requisite training, and then you are good to go!


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