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The Most Common Poker Myths Dispelled

common poker myths dispelled

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Posted by: Ivan

Poker stories often revolve around monster pots, excellent games played by professionals, and card reading skills. How about the myths surrounding poker?

You may have heard of some of the poker myths listed in this article, and maybe you believe some of them. But after reading the text, you'll realize that some things aren't as they seem and that it's time to get some poker facts and stories straight.

Some of these are common myths about poker, and it's time to dispel them!

Key Points:

  • Is Online Poker Rigged?
  • The Cashing Out Curse
  • Winning is Always Guaranteed for Good Poker Players
  • Reading Your Opponents is the Key to Winning at Poker
  • It's Hard to Beat Bad Poker Players

Is Online Poker Rigged?

In the poker world, there is a common myth that online poker is rigged. It's not surprising to hear this statement from players who frequently lose money playing online poker and find themselves depositing money repeatedly into their accounts.

Poker online is not rigged. Online poker is no different from live games, where bad beats, misplays, poor games, or even bad players can lead to losses.

For those of you who are not satisfied with this answer, remember that every online poker room uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to choose cards every time a hand is dealt.

You can visit and find a list of the best online casinos and not worry about them being rigged.

The Cashing Out Curse

There is an old myth that claims that if you withdraw money from your poker bankroll, you will be unlucky in future hands and lose your money shortly thereafter.

Since poker rooms take rake from your play, it doesn't make sense for them to make you lose. Otherwise, how would they make money? Have you considered that possibility?

busting common poker myths

It is just another myth kept alive by bad poker players because online poker rooms do not care whether you withdraw or not and are not there to teach you a lesson.

Winning Is Always Guaranteed for Good Poker Players

One myth says if you're good at poker, you can profit at any table and any poker room. That's not true at all! Poker is a game in which good players win the long run, but it cannot guarantee you a 100% win.

Even the best players in the world, like Tom Dwan or Phil Hellmuth, can lose from time to time due to a bad poker day, a bad beat, poor bankroll management, and other factors.

Usually, a good player analyzes his or her play after the game and adjusts to avoid mistakes, while a mediocre or bad player blames online poker for being unfair.

Reading Your Opponents Is the Key to Winning at Poker

While it is true that reading your opponents will greatly increase your chances of winning the game, it is not the only method.

popular poker myths

Online poker rooms give you no chance to read your opponents. You cannot see or hear them, you cannot read their body language, nor can you hear their tone of voice. Yet, you can still win.

The trick to winning at poker is knowing your poker math and adjusting your strategy to the players at the table. If you know this, you will win even without seeing or hearing your opponents.

It's Hard to Beat Bad Poker Players

The key to beating any poker player around the table is to adjust your game accordingly to the type of player you are against.

For example, if you generally play tight against players who call your bets, you should ramp up the aggression when facing players who are clearly afraid to lose.

It is common for players to get lucky and get the cards they are trying to find, but that does not mean you cannot win against bad players.

In the long run, you will win more than the bad players who will lose their bankroll. If you play poker according to the appropriate strategy for the table and your game, you can rest assured you'll come out ahead in the long run!

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