What Is An Inside Straight Draw In Poker?

What Is An Inside Straight In Poker

An inside straight draw, or a gutshot, is a hand combination in which a player misses the middle card to make a straight. In other words, only a card of a certain rank can help him make a straight.

There are only four cards of each rank in poker, which means only four cards in the deck can complete the straight when you have an inside straight draw.

Because of this, this gutshot draw is regarded as one of the weakest draws in poker. In fact, the odds of hitting a gutshot draw on the turn are around 8.5%, or 10.75-to-1, while the odds of hitting in on the river are 8.7%, or 10.5-to-1.

If we compare this with an open-ended straight draw, which has eight outs, a 17% or 4.88-to-1 chance of hitting on the turn, and a 17.4% or 4.75-to-1 chance of hitting on the river, we can see why poker players don’t value the gutshot draw as much as other draws.

Poker Inside Straight Draw Example:

Imagine holding 5s 6s, and the flop comes 8d 9c Ks.

In this situation, you are missing the middle card in your straight combination (7), and only four cards in the deck will give you a straight (7s, 7d, 7h, 7c). Based on this, your hand combination is characterized as an inside straight draw or a gutshot draw.



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