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Last Updated: April 30, 2023

The popularity of video poker has diminished greatly over the years, as video slots have taken over the attention of casino players who prefer video games instead of playing at the tables.

And yet, video poker is not completely gone from the world, as machines are available in practically every casino in the world, and online casinos continue to offer a selection of video poker games as well.

US online casinos are no different, as most still offer several video poker games to pick from and allow the fans of these games to enjoy their favorite gambling entertainment at will.

If you are looking to play some USA online casino real money video poker games, you have come to the right place to learn more about your options and the best picks.

We take a look at the top five video poker variations you can find in online casino lobbies across America and the top reasons to choose each of these five games.

Ultimate X Poker – Ten Play

Created by IGT, this exhilarating video poker game offers more options than most others, allowing players to pick between several different video poker variations and adding exciting multipliers to each and every hand.

Ultimate X Poker is offered in a few versions, but Ten Play is the most exciting one as it allows you to draw ten times at each hand you are dealt.

At the very start of each Ultimate X Poker hand, you will have to pick the video poker variation you prefer, with games like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, Joker Poker, and Triple Bonus Poker all available.

Once you have picked your favorite video poker game, you will need to select the amount you want to bet per hand. If you click the Ultimate X Poker button as well, your bet will be doubled and boosted payouts will be in play.

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Boosted payouts feature assigns random multipliers to each of the ten draws you get, with new multipliers added to each draw anytime you score a win on it.

The more consecutive wins you can get, the more multipliers you will be looking at, offering a chance at some truly massive wins and payouts.

Ultimate X Poker is one of the most entertaining video poker games and one that’s ideal for those looking to gamble it up, although the exact optimal strategy for each hand can change dramatically, which allows for more room for strategic mistakes and an overall lower RTP rate.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is one of the most popular variations of video poker in the world and one you have probably had a chance to play at least once.

The game comes with a very simple rulebook and is quite easy to learn, as the strategy does not require too much deviation from the basics.

In each hand, you will be looking to make at least a pair of jacks, with all hands above that paying at more than 1:1.

However, make sure that the Jacks or Better game you are playing offers 6x your bet for flushes and 9x your get for full houses, as there are some games with a less favorable paytable.

Once you are seated at the right game, you will be looking at returns exceeding 99.5%, provided you play optimal strategy, which is more than most other gambling games in online casinos can boast.

Jacks or Better is the ideal video poker variant for a complete beginner, as it allows you to quickly enter the world of video poker and start winning without too much hassle.

Deuces Wild 

As the name suggests, Deuces Wild is a version of video poker in which every deuce acts as a wild card, allowing for some new hand combinations such as five of a kind.

You will need to get at least three of a kind or better to get paid in a hand of Deuces Wild video poker, but thanks to all the wild cards in play, that should not be too difficult.

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Jacks or Better players find this game pretty easy to transition into, although a few strategic points must be taken into account before you can play Deuces Wild with no problems.

The ultimate payouts in this game are reserved for players who manage to find a natural royal flush containing no deuces, which will pay you 800x your base bet.

Joker Poker

Playing video poker without any wild cards can be a bit mundane at times, and Joker Poker is a game that provides perfect balance with exactly one wild card in the deck.

A single joker is introduced into the deck as the 53rd card in each hand of Joker Poker, and it acts as a substitution for any other card you may need.

With just one wild card in play, the pay table resembles that of Jacks or Better quite a bit, except for the fact you will need at least two pair for a minimum payout in this one.

Joker poker is a well-balanced game with a solid RTP, a reasonably simple strategy, and a huge top payout for a natural royal flush, along with a satisfactory 100x jackpot whenever you score five of a kind.

Double Double Bonus Poker

The popular Jacks or Better video poker variation got quite a few tweaks over the years, with Double Double Bonus Poker being one of them.

For the most part, this popular video poker game, which you can find at most US online casinos, plays very similar to Jacks or Better.

You will get the same kinds of payouts for most hands, such as one pair, flush, or full house, but special boosters are added for some four-of-a-kind combos, while a straight flush is worth a bit less.

With four-of-a-kind hands being boosted in value, you will be looking to tweak your strategy to allow for more such hands at the expense of some other draws, which is the only real difference between the two versions.

Scoring a 400x jackpot for four aces with a small kicker will be extremely thrilling, while the 800x jackpot is still reserved for a royal flush on maximum bet.

Note that a royal flush will only be worth more than four aces with a low kicker if you are betting five coins per hand, as that is the only time the jackpot payment will be activated.

Pick Your Video Poker Game

As you can see, video poker still remains a big part of the gaming scene, despite video slots taking over as the most popular video games in online casinos.

If you are slightly old school at heart and prefer playing video poker or simply enjoy the massive returns these games have to offer, pick one of the five video poker games we introduced here and enjoy using the strategies you have learned over the years to break the casino.

Of course, you should still remember that even the most generous video poker machines maintain some house edge, so be careful with your bets and always gamble responsibly.

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