4 Reasons Why Blackjack Card Counting Isn’t for You

why card counting isnt for you

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Last Updated: April 23, 2023

Counting cards is undoubtedly an intriguing and exciting practice many blackjack players dream of experimenting with. Not only that, but many players think of it as the best way to get rich quickly.

That said, blackjack card counting has been wrongly presented in the gambling world, mostly due to Hollywood’s portrayal of this activity.

Blackjack card counting is not as glamorous and definitely not as rewarding as movies and TV shows make it seem.

So, on this page, we aim to provide you with the other side of the picture and go over the biggest arguments for why you should probably avoid trying out counting cards, whether you play live or at online casino Singapore and Malaysia sites.

With that in mind, here are four reasons why blackjack card counting isn’t for you.

It Takes More Effort Than Most Players Imagine

Many blackjack players that dream of counting cards don’t realize how mentally taxing this activity is. You first need to have a tight grasp on basic blackjack strategies.

Then, you should decide which of the dozens, if not hundreds, of card counting systems works best for you.

Additionally, you need great discipline and countless hours of practice to come close to properly using a functioning card counting technique.

You should also have a good enough memory to track cards and compare them on a point-based system.

Even if you tick all of these boxes, you still shouldn’t expect huge profits overnight. You have to use all of this knowledge consistently at the blackjack table to win by a small profit margin.

Counting Cards Is Very Stressful

Sure, counting cards looks cool in a quick montage accompanied by music. But, this is yet another example of how the real-life experience differs from that portrayed in most movies and shows.

is card counting for you

The reality of card counting is that it’s completely nerve-racking for most card counters. Casino staff members are extensively trained to spot any cheating attempts.

Plus, there’s the always vigilant eye in the sky watching you from every corner of the room.

In these conditions, you must simultaneously focus on counting cards and pay attention to your body language and mannerisms so that you don’t look suspicious.

If the staff notices even the tiniest hint of you trying to count cards, they won’t hesitate to throw you out.

With all this in mind, if you keep getting banned from every casino, you won’t have many opportunities to count cards, as they’ll soon run out.

So, putting in enough practice and doing it consistently long-term without getting caught is a fine line to walk. The vast majority of blackjack card counters don’t manage to do it.

You Need a Lot of Money to Start

If you’re a casual blackjack player, you probably have a solid bankroll made up of the money you can afford to lose. Still, it most likely isn’t substantial enough for you to dive into card counting.

This is actually one of the most overlooked aspects among blackjack players who want to start counting cards.

blackjack card counting not for everyone

The issue with this is that your bankroll has to be big enough to ensure you ride through the losses. It’s not like in the movies that you’ll start raking in huge wins. Instead, you will likely have to grind many smaller wins and build up your bankroll with time.

Of course, you will still experience volatility during this period, and you should have enough money to endure it.

It Takes the Joy Out of the Game

Lastly, you should know that counting cards in blackjack can completely take away from your experience. Counting cards and keeping detailed tabs in your head seems more like a chore than a fun pastime.

Professional card counters look at this activity as their job, as it certainly is close to it. You need to spend hours at the table, subtly count cards and be mindful of many things.

So, if you generally like playing blackjack for fun, trying to implement card counting in your sessions will almost certainly take away all of the pleasure of playing the game.

You would constantly have a lot on your plate and won’t be able to get nearly the same entertainment value as you would when playing for fun.

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