Garrett Adelstein Returns to Live Poker! GMan Pulls the Bluff of the Day on Bally Live Poker

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Last Updated: December 15, 2023

While Hustler Casino Live has been king in the live poker streaming industry for quite some time, a different stream stole the spotlight and attracted thousands of poker fans to tune in, as Bally Live Poker streamed the return of none other but Garret Adelstein to the live poker scene.

Adelstein, who has not played a single hand of live poker since the infamous Robbi Jade Lew J4 incident of September 2022, announced last week that he would be making his long awaited return.

That return came in style, as Garret sat down with a stacked lineup that included the likes of Erik Persson and Patrik Antonius, and picked things up right where he left them some 14 months ago.

From the earliest moments of the stream, it was more than clear that Garrett had been aching to play, and his electric presence at the table was felt from the very first hand of the day.

With everyone in the game sitting with over $100k in their stacks and close to $2 million on the table by the end of the day, the return of GMan was a true spectacle for all the poker fans who decided to tune in live.

For everyone else, the game is now up on the Bally Live Poker YouTube channel with all the biggest hands time-tagged for your convenience.

Adelstein Up to His Old Tricks

Despite his long hiatus from playing any poker, it took very little time for Garret to start showing off his skills and dominating the table, making big plays against pros and amateurs like.

Garret ended up winning the very first hand of the night with pocket Fives, and even though it was a fairly small pot, it set the tone for the rest of the day.

Much of the table talk went back and forth between Adelstein and Eric Persson, the two old rivals who played quite a few big hands together in the months leading up to Garrett taking a break from poker.

Despite everyone at the table sitting with very deep stacks, it took an unusually long time for the action to truly heat up and chips to start flying in a real way.

The first really big pot of the night saw Kirk get into trouble with the low end of the straight against Persson’s higher straight, but the K river bailed him out, giving him a flush and allowing him to win a pot worth $148,500.

Garrett caught some momentum about two hours into the game, taking a big pot off Curtis when he flopped top pair with his ]pcn]KcJh[/pcn] on a [invalid notations] on the dealer button and 3-bet to $6k over a $1,200 open from Patrik Antonius, who held 98.

Antonius came along for the ride, as did Curtis who had pocket Sevens, and the three went to a flop of 843. Garrett continued for $10k, both players called, and the 6 peeled off on the turn.

While many players would have given up at this point, Adelstein smelled blood in the water and kept on attacking. When both of his opponents checked, Garrett once again bet $35k into a $50k pot, which was enough to get rid of Curtis, but not Antonius, who stuck around with his top pair and flush draw.

When 5 hit the river, Patrik once again checked to Adelstein, whose only option was to bet again, as his Ace-high was never going to be the best hand at this point.

Garret was sitting on a massive stack, having added on chips multiple times throughout the stream, while Antonius had just under a pot-sized bet remaining in his stack.

garrett adelstein is back

In his recognizable style, Garrett took a while to think things over, before putting in enough big chips to cover Antonius and put him all-in.

The stoic Finn took his sweet time making the decision, as Curtis was forced to sit back and observe the hand that could have seen him win a massive six-figure pot.

Eventually, Antonius decided to muck his cards, allowing Garrett to pull off the biggest bluff of the day, and giving the fans exactly what they all tuned in to see.

Adelstein the Big Winner, Antonius and Persson Drop Five Figures

By the time it was all said and done, some six hours into the stream, there was close to $2 million in chips on the table, with Garrett holding some $760,000 of those.

However, many of those chips came out of Adelstein’s own pocket, as he ended up winning $132k on the day, which was enough to make him the biggest winner in the game.

The only other player to win six figures was Han, while Kirk was the biggest loser, dusting off $200k, followed by Persson and Antonius with $35k and $67k to the red, respectively.

The final numbers certainly did not reflect the kind of madness we saw at the tables, but the game set a good tone for even bigger games that Garrett is certain to play in soon now that he is back out there grinding live cash.

Adelstein Here to Stay, Next Live Game This Friday

Following the iconic HCL stream that stirred up one of the biggest scandals in poker in recent years, we lost one of the best cash game players of all time for more than a year.

However, it seems that Garrett’s absence is truly behind us and that we will be seeing much more of GMan in the coming weeks and months.

The fan-favorite has already announced that he will be showing up in a live streamed WPT game this Friday, where he will be facing off against the likes of Andrew Robl and where stakes will be going up quite a bit.

Tune in to see Garrett in action this Friday in what could be one of the wildest games we have seen this year, and look out for some surprises in the game’s lineup, which has not yet been revealed in full.

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