High Stakes Poker Is Coming Back: Season 12 Premiers February 19 on PokerGO

High Stakes Poker Season 12

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Last Updated: February 6, 2024

We have seen TV poker shows come and go over the years, but few have had as big of an impact as High Stakes Poker, one of the longest-running shows in televised poker history.

This February, PokerGO is bringing High Stakes Poker back for Season 12, and a number of familiar faces are making their return, including the one and only Phil “Unabomber” Laak.

The new season of High Stakes Poker premiers on February 19 on PokerGO, with new episodes airing every Monday until May 13, making it 12 episodes in total for a hefty and action-packed season.

The action will once again be brought to us from the luxurious PokerGO Studio, with AJ Benza and Nick Schulman offering their witty and constructive commentary throughout.

If you are subscribed to PokerGO already, you can look forward to the new High Stakes Poker season in a couple of weeks, while for everyone else, this may be the ideal time to join the popular platform, even if only for a limited time to check out the exclusive HSP episodes as they arrive.

Star-Studded Lineups in HSP Season 12

This year’s High Stakes Poker will be split into two separate lineups. While both lineups will play for significant stakes, the stakes will go out fivefold in the second part of the season.

To kick things off, PokerGO will bring us five episodes of $200/400 action with Andrew Robl, Jean-Robert Bellande, and Jennifer Tilly among those who will show up to play right off the bat.

High Stakes Poker legend and Jennifer Tilly’s husband, Phil “Unabomber” Laak, is expected to join the lineup during episode 3 and play for three episodes in total before the stakes are kicked up to an incredible $1,000/2,000 for the second part of the season.

Starting with the March 25 episode, High Stakes Poker will shift into top gear, with blinds going up and a new cast of characters taking their seats at the table.

Source: PokerGO

Andrew Robl, the biggest recorded winner in poker cash games in the world and self-proclaimed King of LA Nik Airball, will play in both lineups, along with Indian billionaire Santosh Suvarna.

The rest of the cast will change up for the latter episodes, with the likes of poker pro Brandon Adams, Hustler Casino Live regular Charles Yu, and DoorDash co-founder Stanley Tang all taking their seats.

With stakes this high and both lineups stacked with colorful characters and amazing poker players, the new season of High Stakes Poker has every chance of being one of the best recorded to date.

Andrew Robl Is Back in the Ring

He may not be the most outspoken player at the tables or the richest among the bunch, but Andrew Robl is almost certainly the best poker player to play on Season 12 of High Stakes Poker.

With more than $5 million in winnings in televised cash games alone, Robl holds the throne among the cash game players. Word on the street has it he’s won much more than the recorded $5 million when cameras were off.

On February 19, Robl will take his seat for Season 12 and he won’t be abandoning it until the final episode of 2024, as he is a part of every scheduled lineup for the entire season.

Robl is set to battle in both the $200/400 and $1k/2k lineup, playing against two casts of very familiar opponents.

Source: PokerGO

In the first part of the season, Andrew will go up against his protégée and rival of sorts, Jean Robert Bellande, as well as Jennifer Tilly, whom he’s had plenty of chances to play with in the past.

While these are old opponents Robl has been playing with for years, the likes of Nik Airball, Santosh Suvarna, and Stanley Tang will all be eyeing his million-dollar stacks throughout the latter part of Season 12.

If we know one thing about the nosebleed regular, it is that he will show up for the games loaded with millions of dollars in chips and a lion’s heart ready to pull the trigger in every spot whether he has it or not.

Season 12 will revolve around Andrew Robl one way or the other, and we can expect to see him involved in many of the biggest pots of the season.

“New School” Players Look to Prove Themselves

While players like Andrew Robl, JRB, and Phil Laak hold legendary status with HSP fans by now, many of the other players playing in Season 12 do not.

Charles Yu and Nik Airball, both regulars on the popular Hustler Casino Live stream, will be looking to take on these HSP legends and show everyone they can play on equal footing with them.

Wealthy businessmen like Santosh Suvarna and Stanley Tang, who have also made their names on recent live streams, will be looking to join the mix and show the world they have some tricks up their sleeve and that they can’t be easily scared away.

It will be interesting to see the return of Brandon Adams as well, a player with significant poker skills but limited exposure in the poker world.

Tune In for Episode 1 on February 19

The new season of High Stakes Poker airs on February 19 on PokerGO and it is one not to be missed. Whether you are an old-school HSP fan or a newer poker fan who fell in love with poker via live streams, HSP Season 12 should hit the spot.

The initial lineup includes Andrew Robl, JRB, Jen Tilly, Santosh Suvarna, Justin Gavri, Andrew Sasson, Andrew Pachecho, and Vivian Yang, with Phil Laak expected to join soon after.

If you are only interested in watching when the higher stakes kick in, check out PokerGO on March 25, when the first episode with stakes at $1k/2k kicks off.

Remember, once you sign up to PokerGO, you can watch all the old episodes of HSP, along with tons of other high-quality poker content for a full month, making the subscription value for any true poker fan out there.

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