Santosh Suvarna Drives the Action in HCL Super High Stakes Week 3

santosh driving hcl action

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Last Updated: November 29, 2023

Hustler Casino Live’s Super High Stakes Week 3 is well underway, with two of the five planned sessions in the books.

Over the two nights of exciting action, we saw millions of dollars change hands despite the game officially being advertised as $100/200 with a $100k minimum buy-in.

Players like Santosh Suvarna, Martin Kabrhel, Andy Stacks, and Jungleman drove the action for the two initial sessions, but it was Brandon Steven and Professor who won the lion’s share of the bounty on Monday and Tuesday night in preparation for the bigger games yet to come.

The two days saw many different players take their seats at the table, with Santosh being the only player to battle it out both nights, recording massive swings in the process.

With two full sessions now in the books, let’s take a look at how it all went down and who the big winners and losers were for the first two days of Super High Stakes Week 3 at Hustler Casino Live.

Brandon Steven Dominates as Charles Loses Big

Monday evening saw the first session of Super High Stakes Week 3 play out, and just by looking at the lineup it was quite obvious that it would be a big games with a lot of swings.

HCL regulars such as Mariano and Charles were joined by the Dubai-based entrepreneur and poker room owner Santosh Suvarna, high stakes pro Martin Kabrhel, and other familiar faces like Brandon Steven, Pepe, and Mo.

If I had to pick two things that marked the session for me, it would have to be Martin’s inability to stay silent for more than a few seconds at a time and Santosh’s desire to battle it out for every pot, the very thing that’s made him so popular with the poker fans.

For one man, however, it was an endless streak of bad luck that marked the day, as Charles seemingly lost every pot he played and ended up dropping $715k, which was a fairly big loss even for a game of this size.

And while Charles certainly pushed his luck in more than a few spots as well, it was the recognizable solid poker style that saw American entrepreneur Brandon Steven come out on top as a $388k winner, ahead of the likes of Santosh and Martin.

Santosh’s incredibly loose playing style saw him VPIP 71% of all pots, but when things settled he was sitting on $345k to the black, a hefty profit for a hard day’s work.

The outspoken Czech pro Martin Kabrhel, who has built quite a reputation for himself over the last few years, was the other big winner with a $280k profit. Pepe also managed to take home a $113k profit despite playing an incredibly passive style that only saw him raise in 1% of all spots.

It was a relatively quiet night for Argentinian pro Mariano Grandoli, who we are used to seeing play a lot more aggressively, as he ended up losing $56k after being one of the least active players on the night.

Santosh Gives It Back on Day Two

Day one of Super High Stakes Week 3 was an exciting one, but the lineup HCL brought together for the second day was an even juicier one.

Santosh Suvarna was the only player to come back two nights in a row, and this time around he was joined by Andy Stacks, Nik Airball, Dan “Jungleman” Cates, and HCL regulars Professor, Henry, and Francisco.

The mouth-watering lineup help up its side of the bargain as we saw chips flying left and right all night long, with Santosh deciding to take it up just a tiny notch and play a VPIP of 72% this time around.

Indeed, it seemed like Santosh was involved in every big pot of the night, as he called any raise from any position and continued to chase his draws even against all odds and probability.

This time around, however, it was not his night, as the Indian businessman eventually dropped $473k, giving back his earlier profits and then some.

Henry was the only other loser of the night, as he dropped $184k, while Professor, Andy, and Nik Airball topped the profit charts.

Professor was the hero of the day with a $296k profit, Andy raked in $168k, while Airball had to be happy with “just” $117k in profit. Jungleman had a relatively quiet evening but still managed to add $58k to his lifetime poker profits.

Action Is Just Heating Up!

The first day of action are behind us, but we have not yet seen the best of Super High Stakes Week 3, as three more full sessions are on the calendar, including a massive 24-hour stream featuring Alan Keating on December 1.

Tonight’s Super High Stakes session will give Santosh Suvarna a chance at revenge, as he goes up against a similar lineup to that of the last two nights, with Nik Airball, Brandon Steven, Pepe, and Charles all make a return, and Stanley Tang and Penzoil Don joining the action this time around.

Then, tomorrow night, we are going to see a real clash of the titans as Rampage, Andy Stacks, and Nik Airball go head-to-head, with Santosh and Charles yet again in the lineup and guaranteed to bring the heat.

Finally, Super High Stakes Week 3 will wrap up with an epic 24-hour stream headed up by Alan Keating, while the likes of Suvarna, Airball, Charles, Jibrael, Pepe, and Jboogs play his nemesis, although we are likely to see some alternates considering the length of the stream.

If you are a live poker fan like me and can’t get enough of these guys, make sure to come back over the next few days and see every poker hand and every moment of these epic games, root for your favorite players, and make sure to give the best poker stream all the love it certainly deserves.

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