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Last Updated: July 14, 2023

It is not every day that a poker player makes the ascent from the lowest of stakes to the absolute biggest games in the world, and it takes a special kind of talent to achieve such a thing.

Mariano Grandoli is one of the few players who have actually gone out and done it, and he did so in the most spectacular of ways, showing the entire process to a live audience on his YouTube channel.

The young Argentinian pro has managed to build a career envied by pros and recs alike, all in a span of just four short years.

Mariano has been showing his skills off to his YouTube audience for quite a while, but his true rise to fame came through his appearances on Hustler Casino Live, the most popular poker stream currently available.

Whether you have only just heard of Mariano Grandoli in his recent appearances in the massive HCL games, or have been a fan for a while, keep reading to find out more about the popular YouTube streamer and poker crusher.

I will take a look at Mariano’s poker career, Mariano’s net worth, and any other interesting details there are to know about this spectacular young poker prodigy.

Mariano Grandoli’s Early Life and Path to Poker Success

Born on July 1, 1981 in Rosario, Argentina, Mariano Grandoli was mostly a mystery until quite recently, when he burst onto the poker scene on live streamed games.

Little is known about Mariano’s upbringing and life before poker, but what we do know is that he started playing poker in his early twenties, like so many poker players before him.

While it is not clear when and how Mariano came to the US, we do know that he was already playing poker for quite some time before he started recording his popular Vlogs.

The first-ever Mariano Vlog on YouTube was published on February 25, 2019, as the young player decided to share his poker journey with the community.

Ever since, we have had the privilege to track one of the most successful poker careers in recent years in real time. Most of Mariano’s poker life has been shown in his Vlogs, as well as on Hustler Casino Live streams.

Today, Mariano Grandoli is one of the biggest names in poker, and his success at the tables has been a large part of what’s made him so popular and loved by poker players and fans alike.

Mariano Grandoli’s Poker Vlog

The way poker fans get their daily dose of poker content has changed dramatically over the years, and it has been all about streams and Vlogs for quite a while now.

Mariano’s poker Vlog has been one of the most popular ones over the last few years, on par with the likes of Rampage, Andy Stacks, Andrew Neeme, and Brad Owen.

Mariano started his YouTube channel in early 2019 without huge expectations, likely as a way to motivate himself to play more and make more correct decisions at the tables.

Like most other Vloggers, he started out playing $1/3 live poker games in casinos across America. While he had decent success in these low stakes games, few could have seen the future that Mariano was about to make for himself.

Mariano’s live cash game grind took him to popular destinations like the Bellagio, Aria, Commerce, and the Bike, but he also created episodes playing poker in San Francisco, Arizona, Texas, and more.

mariano poker journey

Within a couple of years, practicing insanely aggressive approach both with his chips and with his bankroll, Mariano was able to ascent to the highest stakes available and join some of the most publicized live poker games around.

Mariano’s poker Vlog tracked his first appearances on Hustler Casino Live, the poker show that gave the player some of the best moments of his poker career.

With over 135,000 subscribers and close to 200 videos published, Mariano Grandoli’s poker Vlog is one of the most successful of its kind, and it is easily one of the best poker channels you will find around.

If you want to make sure to stay current on Mariano’s exploits in the poker world, subscribing to his poker Vlog is the best thing you could possibly do.

Mariano Grandoli’s Professional Poker Career

According to reports, Mariano Grandoli started his poker career in his early 20s and had some success playing tournament poker early in his career, although these reports have not been confirmed at this time.

In fact, Mariano is one of the few popular players whose name you won’t find on Hendon Mob, the official poker tournament tracking website, likely because he self-excluded from the site.

The first official reports we have of Mariano’s poker career actually come from 2019, when he showed us his first poker sessions on his poker Vlog.

Ever since then, Mariano has been crushing live poker games across all stakes in various locations in the United States, ranging from Las Vegas to California, and a lot of other locations in between.

Mariano’s Approach to the Game

Mariano’s entire poker career has been marked by his extremely aggressive playing style, similar to the one adopted by other professional players of his generation, such as Rampage.

Playing this aggressive style of cash game poker, where he tries to win as many pots as possible and always be the aggressor, Mariano was able to bring his opponents to heel in practically all the games he’s ever been involved in.

mariano poker career

Mariano’s biggest claim to glory has come on the popular Hustler Casino Live poker stream, where he has won almost $1.5 million (according to, posting a series of successful results across more than 50 sessions.

These, of course, are only the results that have been reported and seen on the official streams, but it is widely known that these games tend to go off the rails when the cameras are turned off and there is no one watching.

By this logic alone, it would not be too wild to guess that Mariano has probably won at least $3 million within this time period, although exact results of his cash game career are impossible to tell.

Like most cash game pros, Mariano tends to keep his exact results somewhat private, although he does talk about results of some individual sessions in his Vlogs.

At the end of the day, the thing we know for sure is that Mariano is a massive winner in some of the biggest live poker games that public has access to. He has won a fortune playing the game he loves within just a few years of playing professional poker.

Biggest Pot of Mariano’s Poker Career

Mariano Grandoli has certainly played some insane poker pots over the course of his career, but the numbers have really started to get up there in recent months, as he’s been involved in some truly massive games.

In April 2023, Mariano played one of the biggest pots we ever saw on HCL before their Million Dollar Game was streamed, with $788,000 in chips going in the middle before the flop.

The action involved Mariano, HCL regular Double M, and one of the Chinese businessmen who were making an appearance on the stream, going by the name of Yang.

All three players were quite deep when the hand started, with Yang winning over $150k at the moment, and Double M sitting on a stack of about $270k as well.

As is usually the case, Mariano was covering them all when he was dealt the best hand in Texas Hold’em, pocket Aces.

To their misfortune, both of the other players held the second nuts, pocket Kings, which led to a series of raises and re-raises before the flop, eventually leading to a three-way all in situation.

While Yang was somewhat suspicious when the action came back to him for $208k more, especially because Mariano quietly told Double M he had aces while action was still on Yang.

Once the dust settled and Mariano explained that he had not broken any rules, the players turned over their cards, dealt out the board that gave no help to either of them, and Mariano collected the biggest pot of his poker career.

While this hand was a cooler that few could ever get away from, it is worth noting that Mariano himself admitted that he should not have said anything to Double M while action was still pending, which is a valuable lesson to all up and coming poker players out there.

Mariano Grandoli Net Worth

One of the most frequent questions poker fans have about their favorite players is usually related to how much money they have made playing poker and what their net worth is.

What we know about Mariano is that he made his way to the US and started working as a pizza delivery man while playing low stakes live poker games back in 2018/19.

Over the course of the last four years, Mariano has won a minimum of $1.5 million playing poker, which is the number we can confirm from the Hustler Casino Live streams.

However, it is very likely that he has won quite a bit more in the same games when the cameras were off, along with any other games he was a part of in that time period.

mariano poker net worth

It is worth noting that life in California is not cheap, but also that poker players are often savvy investors as well, both of which could have a big impact on Mariano Grandoli net worth in the end.

When all is said and done, I would venture a guess that Mariano Grandoli net worth stands at about $4 million, although this number could be inaccurate by as much as a few million dollars.

What is beyond any doubt is that Mariano has been having great success in poker recently and that this success will likely continue to grow as time goes by.

With his YouTube channel and other poker related ventures going extremely well, Mariano could very well become one of the biggest names in poker over the next decade if he plays his cards right.

Young Mariano Grandoli net worth should keep going up unless he stops playing cards, and his increasing popularity is likely to keep bringing more risk free income, which is the dream of most poker players out there.

Where Is Mariano Grandoli Today?

If you have read through this article, you have learned who is Mariano Grandoli, where he comes from, and how he made it in poker.

In case you are wondering where Mariano is today, the answer is quite simple. He is probably in one of his favorite poker rooms, plying his trade and winning thousands of dollars with each passing hour.

Mariano seems to enjoy life to the fullest, if his social media channels are anything to go by, but the truth is that he still spends the majority of his waking hours playing poker and crushing the souls of all who would dare oppose him on the felt.

Mariano’s poker career is only just getting started, and it’s safe to say we will be seeing him in the high stakes poker games for many years to come, and many of those are likely to be recorded and streamed for our pleasure.

What’s even more, Mariano’s popular YouTube channel is only getting bigger by the day, so stay tuned to that if you want to keep track of the player’s progress and see some truly spectacular poker hands with commentary from the man himself.

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