High Stakes Poker Season 9 Wraps Up in Style

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Last Updated: May 25, 2022

Another great season of High Stakes Poker is now behind us. The final episode of Season 9 aired on Monday, bringing a few memorable hands to wrap things up in style.

While many poker fans will certainly miss the show, we can only hope that the producers will come back with a fresh season in the near future.

In the meantime, WSOP is just around the corner, and PokerGO will be covering the Series quite extensively, so that's something to look forward to.

With that out of the way, let's dive into the few of the biggest pots that marked the final episode of High Stakes Poker!

Stanley Tang Fires on All Cylinders vs. Dwan

The fireworks started on the very first hand of the night as Stanley Tang and Tom Dwan played a big pot, mostly courtesy of the billionaire.

After Jason Koon opened the action and Tang made the call, Dwan woke up in the small blind with QQ. Naturally, the price of poker went up, as Tom made it $14,000 to go.

This was enough to get rid of Koon, but not Tang, who decided he wanted to see the flop with 102, perhaps inspired by Doyle's presence at the table.

The flop came 742, giving Stanley a bottom pair, which was still miles behind ‘durrrr's' pocket queens. Tom led out for $22,000, and Tang quickly matched the bet.

The J on the turn brought in the front-door flush draw, prompting Dwan to slow down and check his option.

Tang interpreted this as a sign of weakness and took over the initiative, betting $40,000. Dwan took a few moments before eventually making the call.

As the 7 fell on the river, Tom checked once again, and Stanely Tang, without missing a beat, moved all-in for $116,000, put ‘durrrr' to a real test.

It seemed like Tang's bluff would get through as Tom muttered to himself, “It really feels like you got it,” but only a few moments later, he proceeded to put the calling chips in the middle.

And just like that, Tom dragged in the pot of $390,000, bringing his stack over the $1,000,000 mark.

Not a Great Night for Negreanu

Things certainly didn't go Daniel's way in the season finale. He lost a big portion of his stack earlier in the evening when he let Dwan catch up on the river and proceeded to pay off his overbet.

The Canadian then decided not to reload and instead continued with the stack of about $50,000 for the last few hands.

He was looking for opportunities to gamble it up, and he got that opportunity when Stanely Tang in the small blind decided to 3-bet his button open.

Negreanu vs Stanley Tang HSP

Player images courtesy of PokerGO

Negreanu was quick to move his chips in the middle with KQ, but he soon realized he was in a horrible shape against Tang's KK.

The two decided to run it twice for the $105,000, and poker gods finally decided to show some mercy for Negreanu, as he managed to complete the broadway straight on the second river to avoid getting felted.

Tang vs. Dwan Round 2

Despite his earlier mishap against Dwan, Stanely Tang was one of the most active players for the session, catching some good cards and looking for opportunities to get in the mix.

On one of the final hands of the evening, he got involved in what would become quite a sizeable pot, and, once again, Tom Dwan would play the role of the villain.

To kick things off, Tang put out the $2,000 straddle. Dwan went after the dead money, opening the action with Q10, only to get called in two spots – Jason Koon in the small blind (holding A3) and Tang with 107.

The flop came an exciting one, as it fell QJ8. Tom had a top pair and a gutshot straight draw, while Stanley had the same straight draw alongside the flush draw.

Dwan Battling with Tang

After Tang checked to him, Tom started with the bet of $10,000. This got rid of Koon, but when the action got back to Stanley, he went for a raise of $30,000. Undeterred, Tom made the call.

The turn was easily the biggest brick in the deck, as it came 2. Tang continued the aggression, betting $40,000 into the pot of $77,000. Dwan took some time, perhaps trying to pick up a read off of Stanely, before calling.

The river card was the complete opposite of brick, as it came 9, completing both players' straight draws but also giving Tang a ten-high flush.

Stanley wasted no time, cutting out a big bet of $125,000, once again putting Dwan in the blender.

It took Tom a couple of minutes to arrive at a decision, but this time around, it was the wrong one as he made the call. Round two thus went to Stanley Tang, who raked in a $407,000 pot.

And with that, we conclude the final recap of High Stakes Poker, at least for the time being. Hopefully, you've enjoyed reading them as much as I've enjoyed putting them together.

Looking forward to more of the same in a few months' time (fingers crossed)!

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