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Last Updated: March 30, 2022

Those who saw the past few episodes of High Stakes Poker or at least read our recaps probably know that Krish Menon is the exact opposite of a tight player.

Although an amateur by definition, Menon has shown that he wasn’t afraid to mix it up with the pros and give them a good run for their money.

While we could debate how strategically sound some of his decisions are, the fact is Krish’s got the heart and enjoys the game of Texas Hold’em.

He’s proven this once again on the last episode of HSP, as he was one of the most active players at the table.

As for the rest of the lineup, it consisted of Doyle Brunson, Jen Tilly, Tom Dwan, Patrik Antonius, Xuan Liu, Kim Hultman, and the live poker streams’ superstar Garret Adelstein.

Rough Start for Big Papa

It seems that Doyle Brunson was determined to get the most out of his HSP appearance as he continued to get involved in big pots, although poker gods weren’t quite by his side this time around.

Doyle kicked things off by firing three bullets against Tom Dwan, who flopped trips with J5. Doyle started off with a pair of eights on the flop but ended up playing the board when the dealer burned and turned two queens as the final two cards.

Dwan check-called all three streets to win a sizable pot of almost $70K, after which Brunson proclaimed he would “leave him alone.”

But this didn’t stop Big Papa from getting involved with the very next hand, holding J2.

The action started with Liu open raising her AQ from the middle position to $1,200 and Doyle calling from the cutoff.

Tilly then woke up with AK on the button and 3-bet to $5,000, which was promptly called by both players.

The flop came J102, giving Doyle two pair, and it looked like Brunson was about to recoup some of his losses from the hand against ‘durrrr.’

After the action was checked to Tilly, she made a continuation bet of $7,000, and Liu made the call. Doyle decided to spice things up and protect his hand, making it $24,000.

This got rid of Jen but not Liu, who cold-called once again after some deliberation.

Xuan Liu bluffing Brunson HSP

Player images courtesy of PokerGO

The turn was one of the few cards in the deck that Doyle didn’t want to see as it came 10, counterfeiting his two pair.

Both players proceeded to check, and the dealer revealed 7 as the final card.

Sensing weakness, Xuan Liu seized the initiative and fired a big $50,000 bet into the $71,000 pot. At this point, Brunson’s hand was a mere bluff catcher (and not a very good one at that), so Big Papa didn’t take too long to fold.

Krish Menon in the Thick of Things

It would appear Krish Menon is determined to pull a big bluff against Jen Tilly. On the last show, he made a massive all-in shove on the flop with pure air and ran into Tilly’s top pair, losing over a hundred grand in the process.

Undeterred, he tried something very similar once again.

On the flop of 843, Krish moved all in for $41,000 over Jen’s $10,000 c-bet, holding AQ. Tilly made a quick call with pocket sixes, and Menon was in trouble once again.

This time around, poker gods decided to grant him a small reprieve, though.

The pair decided to run the turn and the river twice, and on the very last card of the second run, Krish caught the Q to win half the pot.

Jen Tilly vs Krish Menon HSP

But he was just warming up.

A few hands later, Krish woke up with pocket aces after posting the $800 straddle. Dwan opened the action with AK, making it $5,000 to go.

Strangely enough, Menon decided to just call, which prompted Hultman, who posted the double straddle, to also call with QJ.

When the flop came J106 and the action checked to ‘durrrr,’ he continued for $12,000. After counting his chips, Krish announced he was all in for $38,600.

This put Hultman, who flopped the top pair, in a tough spot. After some deliberation, the “King of Slots” decided to make the call, which prompted Dwan to do the same.

The turn 2 was an interesting card, but with no side pot, both players decided to check.

The river K improved ‘durrrr’ to the top pair, and he thought about going for some value against Hultman but eventually decided against it and checked his option.

Menon’s pocket rockets held up, and he tripled up, dragging in the pot of over $130,000.

Pocket Rockets Leading to Big Fireworks

Krish Menon wasn’t done after winning that big pot. It wasn’t long before he found himself in another major hand.

The action went multi-way preflop, and it was Doyle Brunson who started off with by far the best hand as it was his turn to try his luck with pocket aces.

Menon got involved with QJ and flopped a middle pair on the KQ3 board. Doyle fired a big $50,000 continuation bet into the field, and this was enough to get rid of everyone but Krish.

Instead of folding, he decided it was another good spot to pull his trademark move and get all the chips in the middle, shoving for $117,000 in total.

Doyle made the call and was relieved to see he was well ahead. Once again, the decision was made to run it twice.

Menon caught another queen on the turn on the first run to lock up half the pot. This wasn’t enough, though, as he also caught another jack on the river of the second board to win the whole thing, dragging in $280,000.

These few hands should give you a good idea of what you can expect to see on the new season of High Stakes Poker. If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, I can honestly say you should.

With great players, huge pots, and amazing commentary, this show has everything a poker fan could possibly ask for!

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