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Gambling In New Zealand – What Should You Know?

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Gambling In New Zealand – What Should You Know?

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New Zealand enjoys a reputation as a land where laid-back, easy-going citizens enjoy beautiful weather, a good economy, and good relations with their Asian neighbors.

Thanks to liberal gaming laws, it's also developing a name as one of the Pacific's biggest gambling centers where players gather to compete in high-stakes and casual games as well.

NZ players and other gaming visitors have an additional option for their casino adventures — access to online, interactive casino sites that offer 24/7 gaming pursuits via PC or mobile gaming devices.

Gambling in New Zealand

Gambling in New Zealand is regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs, which is a division of the Ministry of Health in conjunction with the NZ Gambling Commission.

These agencies ensure that New Zealand gamers have access to the best online casinos NZ. The sites that they monitor include brick-and-mortar casinos, racetrack activities, sports betting, lotteries, and online free-market casinos.

The NZ Department of Internal Affairs administers gambling legislation, and the Ministry of Health funds and coordinates problem gambling services while the Gambling Commission licenses land-based casinos.

The NZ government does not regulate “offshore” or “free market” casinos.

These online casinos operate offshore from their bases in countries such as Antigua and Malta, where laws make it easier to create and operate international gaming entities. The offshore casinos cater to players around the world who wish to play on their PC or mobile device.

The NZ government relies on international monitoring agencies such as the Malta Gambling Commission and Lotteries Commission and the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance Agency (eCOGRA) to supervise offshore casinos.

Those agencies supervise the online casinos' random number generators, house edges, and paytables to ensure that players in New Zealand and other areas of the world will enjoy a safe and fair gambling event.

New Zealand gaming observers suggest that NZ players check the site they wish to play to ensure that their chosen casino venue will offer the safest and most secure online gambling environment.

Where to Go for the Best Online Gambling Event in NZ

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There are hundreds of online casinos operating today. Each offers its own interface, its own platforms, its own games, and its own casino amenities.

If you're in New Zealand, how do you identify the best online casino for NZ players?

Casino experts suggest that you check a few points:

  • Games offered
  • Tournament options
  • Casino Amenities

If you take a few minutes to compare and contrast the different casinos, you'll see a wide difference between what each offers.

By checking to ensure that, on these 3 points, a casino delivers the most convenient and well-paying amenities, you'll be able to enjoy your casino adventure knowing that you have chosen the best option.

Games Lobby

It's not always easy to evaluate a casino's game options just by looking at its games lobby, but there are some things that you should check to make sure that the casino will provide you with the widest selection of games with the most options for play.

Which game developer supplies the casino with its games? Is the game developer licensed? Do they offer the old classic games such as roulette, blackjack, and poker? Do they have plenty of new variety of games alongside interactive themed slot/pokies machines?

Sometimes you'll find a casino that is supplied by several game developers.

That often indicates that the casino brings in the best and the most popular games from several suppliers to deliver the most comprehensive gaming event possible.

Do the pokies offer free rounds? Free rounds are extra, bonus spins that allow you to play extra rounds without adding additional wagers. The wins you achieve during these extra rounds are real money wins, so in effect, you will be playing real money games without depositing bets on those rounds.

These, of course, are the most desirable types of games and are highly valued. If the games lobby offers these games, you're in luck!

Tournament Options

Tournaments give you the chance to compete against other players from around the world in your favorite games.

Tournaments aren't featured at all online casinos, so check whether your casino offers tournament action, and if it does, add it to the reasons that you should play there.

Casino Amenities

The more amenities that the casino offers, the better the gaming event. To find the amenities, check the “Bonuses” tab on the casino's homepage. Some online casinos offer a few basic bonuses, but others deliver a wide range of bonus giveaways that make your gambling adventure even more exciting and dynamic.

Casino bonuses are added to the regular game bonuses.

So, in addition to the bonuses that you achieve during the game's regular rounds, you'll collect points, credits, free cash, chips, and free spins from the casino via the casino bonus packages.

Some casino bonuses include:

  • Welcome Bonuses for new players
  • Loyalty Points to the casino's veteran and loyal gamers
  • Seasonal bonuses that give extra celebratory cheer to holiday seasons
  • New Game bonuses for players who test out the new games
  • Refer-a-Friend bonuses, and more.

The Welcome Bonus welcomes new players with extra gaming credits. This allows new players to begin their first week of casino entertainment with more chances to achieve wins.

In combination with the ongoing giveaways of Loyalty Points for veteran players and other casino gifts, a good bonus package will allow you to boost your take-home payouts x2, x3, x4, and more!

In addition to the bonuses, other casino amenities that you should review include the accessibility of the casino's banking options, the presence of mobile and live gaming options, and the casino's connectivity to both Wi-Fi and cellular access.

To enjoy the best, most interactive, and most rewarding casino experience, review your options and find where you can play your favorite games, be it:

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