Should You Move To Thailand For Online Poker?

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More and more people in the western world are accepting poker as their first and the primary source of income. In recent years, many of those who rely on online poker as an important income source have experienced problems in their countries due to new rules and regulations.

Many countries have recently banned online poker, leading to an important income source for these people vanishing into thin air, leaving them in a very tough spot.

For many, the only way to continue easily accessing their favorite poker games is by moving to another country, and Thailand is one of the prime destinations.

People may think that it is crazy to move to Thailand just to play a casino game. Why should one be ready to make all the adjustments and go through all the problems of moving to another country just to play poker?

The fact of the matter is, many players have made online poker their profession, and it's far more than just a gambling game for them. It is a stable and reliable source of income.

It's not uncommon for people to relocate to pursue their career goals in other professions, so why not poker?

But what is it that makes Thailand such a popular option among players? With hundreds of countries around the world where one could relocate, why choose this particular one?

As it turns out, there are many benefits that a poker player gets to enjoy when they move to Thailand.

Thailand poker destination

Very Affordable Cost of Living

The first and major factor that makes moving to Thailand easy is the country's low living cost.

The cost of living in Thailand is cheaper than that in 80% of the world's countries. It means that along with the perk of getting access to your poker game, your living expenses will likely go down.

Thanks to this, you will be able to save money and invest more in your future.

Prices of all the essential commodities and the living space are less in the country. You will easily get a room or a flat for rent in Thailand's most loved cities at a very reasonable price.

A Community of Gamblers

When a person moves to another country, they often miss their friends and family. Moving somewhere to live on your own and away from your loved ones can negatively affect your overall quality of life.

However, if you move to Thailand to play poker, you should have no problems making some new friends.

You'll find quite a few like-minded people in the country as the expat community is a big one.

Common interests bring people together, and when you start playing poker in Thailand, you'll become a part of the large and growing community that engages in many recreational activities other than playing poker, and with the money saved, you’ll have a much bigger bankroll for these activities.

playing poker in thailand

Access One of the Most Reliable Gambling Sites

Many countries' governments have banned poker and casino games, causing people around the world to lose access to many reliable websites.

Some of the sites that are still accessible are either not reliable or are not offering good services. If you move to Thailand, you will gain access to local sites like and others blocked at your native place.  

Easy to Settle

Thailand is a country that has a large number of foreigners residing there. The reason for such an expat movement and settling in Thailand is that it is a place where you can get your citizenship easily and settle down.

Many professionals worldwide have moved to Thailand and set up a shop there.

So, if you are thinking of moving to Thailand, especially if you are in your 20s or 30s, you probably won't regret your decision.

Welcoming Culture and People

The people in Thailand are very welcoming and kind. They try their best to be helpful to those who have just arrived in their country.

They bond with you easily if you move to their country and make you feel at home. They will never make you feel that you are an outsider who has come to their country to take away their jobs. They will make you feel like you've been living there forever.

Access More Poker Rooms & Better Bonuses

When you move to Thailand, you can get your bank account opened in the country. Many websites on the internet have excellent reviews and winning odds but are only allowing the Thai people to play.

When you move, you can easily access all these casinos with your Thailand bank account details.

The more websites you join, the more promotions and bonuses you'll have access to.

Also, many offers and bonuses are provided to the local bank accounts, which only the residents can enjoy. So, by moving to Thailand, you'll have a whole new world of opportunities open up before you.

Environment and Food

Thailand is a country that is famous for its food and environment all over the world. The reason why Thailand has such a nice environment is greenery. Even though it is a developing country, the green patch present in the country is very high.

Thailand also abounds in beautiful beaches. Many people come here for just a few days to have their dream vacation, and you get to enjoy all this natural beauty whenever you feel like it with no restrictions.

Thai poker and food

Along with the natural beauty, the food of the country is just fantastic. Thailand will give you many reasons to fall in love with the food.

There are many unique dishes with tender flavor and tempting aromas. If you are a foodie, get ready to feel like you're in paradise in Thailand.


There are a great many benefits to moving to Thailand for playing poker for a living.

You'll be able to continue doing what you love doing with no restrictions and surrounded by beautiful nature and friendly people and all that without breaking the bank.

Thailand is an exotic but very affordable destination that you should check out and spend some time in, even if you aren't thinking about permanently relocating.

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